Android Smartphones Defining the New World Uniquely

The world lives through smartphones and Android smartphones support 52.14% of them. For a fact, Android phones have advanced features not found on rival brands. The rival brands copy these features in due course so they appear two to three years after it has appeared on the Android phone. To have a world leader in your pocket is something that makes everything brighter.

The good speed at a good price

Here we have the best affordable android phones because the Android phones are priced much lower than the competition. You have phones priced at $159 (for example, Mara X) that have advanced features like fingerprint sensor and facial recognition. It has 16GB memory and 1GB RAM. This gives it enough speed so you enjoy your online experience a lot. Mara X is an Android One phone meaning it will not only get updates from Google, but it will also have a host of secured features from the Google stable that will improve your online experience considerably.


Special Android features

Most Android phones come with a number of features that make the phone special. Some of them are Wave control, Infrared Transmission, Wireless App download, Alternate keyboards, and so on. Another good thing about the Android widgets is that it allows you to glance at information without having to open the app so you save time and effort. The best part of getting a phone is shopping for it. You can buy an android smartphone online by visiting any online store that sells phones and computers.

With the new phones, a certain degree of customization is allowed. The most common customization is that of the home screen to add or remove apps and widgets as you like. And you can change the background by changing the wallpaper to get the look you want for your phone. Google Assistant is another welcome feature in the Android One phone. All you have to say is “OK, Google” to start it and then issue the command.


More features that make Android special

Google Photos helps users capture and share photographs online with ease. Tag your photos with names like ‘Dad’, ‘flowers’, ‘outings’, and find them fast without having to go through a ton of photographs. This makes sharing photos online fun and easy. You can get suggestions on who will want to see these photographs and perhaps you could share it. You can store unlimited photographs and videos on Google Photo so you can carry your photographs wherever you go.

Android One is special because it has apps and it is built on stock Android. Google is supplying the software updates for another two years at least for this OS. Also, there is going to be three years of security updates so your phone is secure without you having to do anything.

Buying an Android smartphone makes sense because a lot of effort goes into it and it is not pricey either. The phones have special features like a good camera, good processor speed, and adequate storage space. Being a smartphone, it has fast good connectivity and features like gravity sensor and motion sensor.


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