Anuradhapura – The City of Triangle Culture

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Anuradhapura is the place contains an ancient culture triangle that represent centuries of rich culture and tradition throughout the island. Place is quite hot but you would get a fantastic climate and weather with breeze wind on the top. Anuradhapura offers plenty of attractions for the visitors around the world and specially known for historic sites, Buddhist temple, local markets and delicious taste. Anuradhapura was established around a cutting “Tree of Enlighten” in 380 BC; this town lies in the centre of the island and depicts the golden age of culture. There are various things available that you could experience:


Listing out the Things to do in Anuradhapura

Mihintale Stupa

The first stop you would have after reaching to Anuradhapuram will be Mihintale Stupa, is the place where Emperor Ashoka’s son Mahindra first preached Buddhism to King Devanampiyatissa in 247 BC. The place is sacred and many visitors come every year to see the spectacular architecture and history of the place.

Archaeological Museum

It’s better to start your journey to know something about the past and Museum is the best place for it. Anuradhapuram contains many historic myths and folds inside it, and if you want to explore it then head to Archaeological Museum. The place is full of historical objects and was established in 437 BC. Don’t forget that this museum remains closed an Tuesdays and on all Sri Lankan holidays. The timings to visit museum are 8:30am to 5:30pm.

The Queen’s Pavilion

Move to the next place the Queen’s Pavilion within the Abhayagiriya Complex. This place is known as the finest example of a moonstone, as its shape resemble to a half-moon. It is supposed to be the endless cycle of birth-death-rebirth. The architecture of the building is spectacular and spread over a large piece of land. You can spend 4-5 hours of your day here.

Bubble of Water

Visit next to the Ruwanveli Seya which is shaped like a bubble of water, it’s a huge white dome which looks beautiful and is a brilliant example of fine architecture. The dome was built by King Dutugamunu in 101-77 BC and now it is count as an attraction of Anuradhapuram. Spend some time there and capture all fine moments.

9-storied Brazen Palace

Remove your shoes and walk towards the Bo-Tree and at some distance you will find the Brazen Palace on the left side of yours. This place symbolizes the royal time of Anuradhapuram and designed with perfect architectural concept and engineering. After going inside you will see some spectacular paintings and beautiful interiors.


If you want to add some flavor and adventure into your journey then I would suggest you to take a bicycle ride and then head to places in the city. You will easily get the bicycle at rent and then you can explore the city on your own. Believe me, it is one of the great experience you will get in the city, also you can stroll to several shops and restaurants to check out the culture and taste.

All above mentioned things are only for you get a worthy experience. Anuradhapuram is a good place to spend some day into a new city without having much troubles and enjoying to the fullest.


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