Apple Launches New iPhone With Innovative Antenna

The Apple Smartwatch has been around for a few years, but the new model is the first that allows people to make calls from their wrist without a mobile device.

Apple Launches New iPhone With Innovative Antenna

The Series 3 Watch

The older versions of the Smartwatch received mixed reviews, with some people saying that the watch was a worthwhile investment, while others claimed that the watch was the least impressive Apple product so far.

Whatever your opinion of the watch is, it seemed that the geniuses at Apple decided to listen to the feedback by improving the watch significantly. The latest version comes with built-in mobile capabilities that means that people can use it to make phone calls directly from their watch without a mobile phone. Previous versions could also be used to make phone calls, but only if there is a phone nearby. This is because the Series 3 Apple Watch (which costs £399) comes with an integrated SIM card and a smart display that works as the antenna for the phone.

Apple Launches New iPhone With Innovative Antenna

Extra Features

The phone also comes with a few extra new features, including a faster dual-core processor, new exercise elements and extended battery life. This is definitely the most useful and efficient Smartphone product so far, and it means that people could choose to completely get rid of their mobile phone (while still being able to make calls).

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The device comes with a selection of free sports apps, as well as access to Messages, Mail, Weather, Maps, Music, Passbook and Calendar, meaning that the device is basically a small wrist computer and mobile phone. This is very impressive, especially when you consider how small the device is!

The Series 3 Watch also has mobile data connectivity, it can be connected to Apple Music and you can even use Siri to set reminders, so the device can do nearly everything that an iPhone can do.

Two versions of the smartwatch have been created – a £399 version that comes with cellular abilities and a £329 version that doesn’t have cellular abilities. Both versions can be ordered from September 15th, and they are available in store from September 22nd. The watch comes in a variety of colours, including gold, light grey, dark grey and silver.


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