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Attack Dogs And Protecting Your Dog

When becoming the owner of a new dog, your job is not only to teach them the human is the pack leader, it is also your job to teach them you are their protector as well. Owning a dog requires a lot of attention, patience and understanding. Training yourself as well as your dog at first will be time consuming.
Due to a past traumatizing dog attack experiences, some owners have stopped walking their dogs. The attack can create an unhealthy frame of mind for dog and owner, when walking in the same area where the attack took place. If the owner provides self-confidence and pack leadership without expressing fear, the dog will usually have the ability to move on after an aggressive attack.
Become the Pack Leader
By creating a strong pack leadership and reassuring your dog they are safe while with you, along with plenty of affection, the dog will be less fearful in the presence of other dogs. You are teaching your dog they can overcome obstacles, become well-mannered and stay balanced in their behavior.
Sensing Fear
Dogs can sense fear in their owners, which will cause them to become fearful themselves, the more confidence you show, the more confidence your dog will have. It is important for dog owners, which walk their dog in public places to get some specific aggressive training. Training will equip both dog and owner to be ready to defend them-selves in case of an attack by another dog. It is impossible not to feel fear when you face a 100 lb. snarling dog, the trick to protecting your dog and yourself, will depend on how you react to the dog.
Carry a Stick
One of your best options to prevent an attack is the carry some type of stick, usually one about two feet in length or the size of a cane, which will be used as a barrier. If an aggressive dog moves towards you point the sticks at their nose and keep it there, the aggressive dog will have to overcome the obstacle to get to you. Your goal is to have the aggressive dog grab the stick and instinctively pull it; you do not want to pull back this action will only play to his aggression.
If you are pulling the stick back and away from the aggressive dog you could likely stumble and fall, setting yourself as well as your dog up for attack? While letting the dog grab your stick and start to pull, you should push the stick into the dog’s mouth with a gentle motion and keep it there.  You just want to defeat the dog not injure it, releasing the stick will only give the aggressive dog direct access to you and your dog, after a while the aggressive dog will grow weary and retreat.

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This article provided by dog containment systems expert Susan Wright. Dr. Wright, DVM and her staff in effort to educate people on the proper care of their dogs.

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