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Attention Introverts: 3 Online Services Taking The Struggle Out Of Social Interaction

If you classify yourself as an introvert, you may prefer to fly solo whenever possible. In fact, you may be very uncomfortable in social situations or while communicating with people who you do not know well. However, you may feel like there are some social situations that you simply cannot avoid without severely limiting your lifestyle and future opportunities. Technology is now available that can help you to more easily navigate through some of the more awkward or uncomfortable situations that you could face on a regular basis.

Finding a Roommate

As an introvert, you may not have numerous friends or acquaintances who you can reach out to when you are looking for a roommate to share a place with. Likewise, you may not want to post an online ad and be forced to interview random strangers. There are now residential services like EXR available that are designed to digitally connect you with potential roommates who you may be most compatible with. This may include pairing you with others who are also introverts or who may not have a dominant personality that could make you feel uncomfortable in your own home.

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Looking for Dates

Likewise, you can also use technological solutions to find a date. There are numerous dating apps and websites that each cater to a different segment of the population. You can easily research some of the free or paid options available today to find a platform that you are most comfortable with. Because dating apps allow you to review potential dates and even to chat with them through the app or website before you head out on a date, you can get to know each person and reach a comfort level before you have an in-person date.

Working Remotely

As an introvert, you may also not feel comfortable working in a professional environment. If you prefer to work remotely, there are now more websites and apps than ever before that connect you with employers offer remote work positions. There are also apps and website that make it easy for freelancers or contract workers to connect with employers or clients who may need your remote services.

As you can see, technology has enabled introverts to live successful, happy lives without the pressure or discomfort associated with immersing yourself in social situations. If you feel unnecessary stress in any of these areas, spend time learning more about how the various technological advancements available may help you to improve your lifestyle in different ways.

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