Baby Clothes In Healthy Varieties

Baby clothes are coming in increasingly different sizes, even with some sizes being for prematurely born babies which look much like doll size clothes. Some clothes are measured by weight, but for the most part come in categories of naught to three months, three to six months, six months to a year and then a year to eighteen months. Baby Grows are good for new babies because they are easy to put on and are very comfortable for the baby to wear being all in one pieces. Babies that are new born used to be dressed in night gowns but nowadays girls dress babies in two pieces, like little jeans and tops. Usually though a baby grow is worn at night.

What you need for a New Born Baby
For a new born baby, it is advisable to have at least three vests that tie with poppers under the nappy that do not roll up, three baby grows and for the daytime coordinated outfits. An all in one suit and a couple of cardigans are excellent for winter time. Hats and gloves and socks are all necessary. A hat is especially important in winter as most body heat is lost through the head. Babies were kept in nightgowns or baby grows until they were six weeks and then they would be dressed in a full outfit during the day, but with parents becoming more affluent nowadays outfits are worn earlier on in a baby’s life. Shawls also used to be fashionable but this fashion has somewhat disappeared.

Brands of Baby Clothes
There are many expensive brands of baby clothes and these can have details like smocking on little dresses at department stores like in Harrods in London. Online clothes are excellent for discounts on baby clothes. Baby shoes are not a good idea for babies under a year as bones are very pliable at this age. Shoes should always be measured after the baby has reached six weeks of age. Brands like Start-Rite come recommended by health professionals. Padders which are worn before a baby’s first shoes are soft shoes which do not constrict the feet.

The Array of Baby Accessories
There is a huge array of bibs on offer with all sorts of logos and also disposable bibs are now on the market. Sleeping bags for babies, also called grow bags, are bags with arms so the baby does not slip down but the feet are covered. It is similar to a sleeping bag and these can be worn at night. When the baby goes out he or she will need a blanket and an all in one suit. It is important that you take the outdoor clothing off when the baby comes back in doors as the baby can overheat.

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