Before You Flush Think

Drainage is something that many people try not and just don’t really want to think about, but is all part of our everyday lives. It is used by many people everyday. It is because of this people don’t realise how it can be damaged so easily by what we flush down the toilet, or let go down the sink.

There have been many television programmes regarding this subject to try and get it across to people the damage that they are doing by simply pouring fat down the sink. It has been quite shocking to see what people have flushed down the toilet. It goes to show that people really aren’t that bothered until it affects them. And it rarely does have an effect on many people until a pipe has burst outside their house. This can be not only disgusting but a very big health hazard especially in winter when the nights are dark earlier and it starts to freeze as pipes become more fragile and more easily burst. It would be awful as all the sewage will come spurting out and go all over gardens and paths. This can cause a lot of damage as it will make the slabs on the paths raise and become uneven which can cause accidents. Again, especially in the winter months when it is dark, people can trip over these flags and injure themselves, posing more of a risk for the elderly as their bones are more fragile and easily broken.

There are many people who have the horrible task of cleaning and repairing the burst pipes. The cause of many of these is not because of the cold temperatures that cause the pipes to become brittle; it can also be caused by people blocking the pipes by allowing things that shouldn’t go down the drain to go down. This means that the drain clearers have to go down to unblock and clear these drains, which can certainly be as bad as you would imagine. Many people who watch the programmes about drains are very surprised to see exactly what people flush down the toilet such as babies’ nappies.

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There are many companies who offer this service can charge a lot, especially for home call out, but this is due to it needing be sorted out urgently and because of the vile smell. So people are often willing to pay as this is a job that people don’t want to have to do themselves. It is always more advisable to get them checked out and maintained on a regular basis.

This guest blog was written by Harvey Summers who offers a drain repair and cleaning service to the London area www.london-drainage.com

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