Boots And Boogie – The Perfect Songs For Shoes

I note that metal band Metallica have entered into a new collaboration with Vans shoes with the first style being the “Kill ’Em All” half cab. Vans, whose shoes are popular with skateboarders, believe the partnership is an inevitable one saying “many a skate trick is landed with Vans shoes on the feet and a Metallica tune in one’s head.”

Footwear brands seem to love the idea of collaborations with celebrities but it seems to me that some great opportunities for endorsement have been missed. Here are some songs which would be fabulous for footwear:

  • Rhinestone Cowboy – Glen Campbell

    I’m seeing a sparkly, diamante encrusted cowboy boot! Come on Lucchese Boots what are you waiting for? I would actually buy this product I am a sucker for all things sparkly. Not sure about the Glen Campbell thing though.

  • These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ – Nancy Sinatra

    A bit obvious I know but what a gift for the likes of Berghaus, I can’t believe they’ve missed it! It is hard to imagine this song being played to the sight of mountain hiking but it could be made to work.

  • Monster Boots – Razorlight

    Absolutely ideal for the endorsement of gothic platform boots with S&M overtones methinks. I must suggest this to Gothika et al. I am seeing huge platforms and loads of studs.

  • Comfortable Shoes – The Musgraves

    There are plenty of brands that could use this one including Vans themselves but it does sound a bit boring and not very cool so perhaps Clarkes! Sorry guys!

  • Puss N’ Boots – Adam Ant

    I can imagine the perfect pair of leopard print Converse for this one. Or perhaps the tiger striped Louboutins I saw recently. I have also just discovered that Clarkes do Leopard print boots, I take back my previous comment!

  • Fairies Wear Boots – Ozzy Osbourne

    I can’t imagine why I am thinking of cowboy boots but I am! Dodgy one this but could be good for Rocket Dog. Perhaps a new version of the song by Village People would be better!

  • Walking In My Shoes – Depeche Mode

    Karrimor where are you? Enough said.

  • Sand in My Shoes – Dido

    A golden opportunity for Crocs but will they ever be cool even with a great musical endorsement? No! Perhaps one of the aqua shoe brands could adopt the song and change it to “No Sand in My Shoes”!

  • Blue Suede Shoes – Elvis Presley

    The perfect choice for T.U.K Shoes producers of 1950’s style brothel creepers, surely they have thought of using this? I have checked and they actually do already market blue suede shoes, wicked!

  • Moon Boots – The Script

    Come on Tecnica you invented the things for heaven’s sake! These boots are hideous but actually rather cool. Perhaps the song sung by Shane MacGowan would be more appropriate!

  • Celebrity Success

    I know this is all a bit silly but on a serious note marketing footwear with celebrity involvement does seem to work wonders for the brands involved. I understand that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are to collaborate on a shoe range now. What next Imelda Marcos for Jimmy Choo?

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Dave F is an ex-skateboarder and still owns a pair of Vans shoes even though he’s long ago given up falling off his board. Dave writes on a wide range of subjects including travel, music and weird stuff…


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