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Branding Through Events – It’s All In The Finer Details

First impressions
Whether you’re hosting a year-end function; a conference; a launch or any other event, it’s all about creating a good first impression.  Although, when it comes to the drinks, the food, the decor or the entertainment you want guests to leave full and entertained, you mostly want them to leave with a clear image of your brand – a knowledgeable idea of who and what your company is. Your event dictates how your company is viewed, so creating a good first impression when it comes to branding is vital.

Finer details
Displaying a large banner or leaflets with your logo on it at your event won’t give your branding the justification is needs. Innovative and creative ways of branding show the guests that detailed thought has been put into the event, as well as the added effort.  Here are a few ways to take branding to the next level:

1.     Name tags
Out with the old and in with the new. It’s time to revamp those boring name tags by replacing the white backgrounds with your company’s signature colour, and adding your logo to the tag. Make your name tags stand out by revamping the tired rectangular shape and rather have a star-shaped, or other funky shaped, name tag.

2.     Thank you gifts
It’s always nice to leave an event with a party favour, so be sure to wrap up a small gift and attach a thank you card sporting your logo and personalised message from the company. Another idea, instead of a gift, is to have branded take away boxes. Guests can select a range of different foods, likes nuts, chocolate, dried fruit and raisins, from your ‘take-away stand’ and carry it home in the branded box.

3.     Serviettes
No need to have plain serviettes on the food stand, when getting your logo printed on them is easy.

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4.     Serving your brand
With many waiters and servers attending to your guests, this is a great opportunity to put them in a branded outfit, like a golf shirt with your logo on the front. Place your logo on the serving trays so that guests may see your branding when taking a glass of wine or snack from the tray.

5.     Table refreshments
Have a bowl of mints or refreshment towels on the table for the guests, with a note next to them saying “Compliments from us!” There are many sweet manufacturers that can print your logo on the wrapper, so better yet, get your mint wrappers branded.

6.     Informative amusement
Whether it is on bathroom doors or tall ashtray bins in the smoking section, displaying a page of fun facts about your company provides knowledgeable entertainment whilst on a toilet or smoke break.

This guest post was written by Stacey Woensdregt is a Johannesburg-based freelance writer. She writes  won behalf of a specialist public relations company based in South Africa.

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