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Gongs are musical instruments that are percussion based. Gongs can be of two kinds – those that create a specific musical tone and those that create an indefinite tone. The specific tones can be incorporated into a musical piece along with some other instruments to create a piece. Gongs generally look closest to a metal disc made of brass and come in several shapes, sizes and even styles. There are those that are flat and others that have a dome, which are called nipple gongs.

There are suspended style gongs and bowl gongs. A suspended one is flat and is usually hung up and played with bamboo sticks or mallets. Bowl gongs are shaped as the name suggests and comes in various types. These can be played with mallets or with rim of your finger as well. As instruments, they are one of the oldest in the world and archaeologists have even been uncovered some dating back as far as 4000 years. They are believed to have originated in China. From Asia, they moved on to Africa and became an integral part of the music there.

It is believed that gongs can work as good luck charms as well. If you touch one, the vibrations it emits can be transformational bringing to you good health and happiness. In several cultures they are a part of ritualistic prayer, meditation and devotion; they can bring on a sense of calm and peace.

Now, if you are looking to purchase a gong, first decide what it is you want it for – decoration, music or other. There are also several brands such as Paiste gongs that you could look at. The different brands available determine the size and make from which you can choose. If you get a really big one, it could form part of your garden or patio décor as well. Make sure that it has an ample area in which to be displayed or it could look rather crowded.

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If you plan to use a gong for meditation, then select from heavy and deep sounding goings. You could select one with a medium pitch to serve as your doorbell for a unique twist to the regular electronic one. You can buy your gong from both online and retail stores. Check out the various kinds available online and then visit a store to look at the pieces you have narrowed down to. You will also need to buy the accessories to string up your gong and play it. The store you buy from will be well equipped with all you need.

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