Car Design Tips For Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to dress up and indulge in all things spooky. Thinking of going the extra mile and not only dressing up yourself but your car as well? Well, look no further! Here are a few tips for designing your car for the scariest night of the year.

Car Design Tips For Halloween

  1. Take inspiration from a famous movie or TV show!

Over the years, movies and TV shows have not only created iconic characters, but they’ve also done the same for cars as well. Think of famous vehicles part of pop culture like those from Star Wars or Star Trek, Ghostbusters, or even the Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo! It’ll be easily recognizable. Plus it’ll be really fun to decorate!

  1. Follow a theme.

Dressing up for Halloween as well? Well, why not make your vehicle as part of your ensemble? You can dress up as a pirate hunting for treasure, or an astronaut ready to explore space, and also use your car to your advantage. Turn your car into a pirate ship or a rocket and up the wow factor of your Halloween costume!

  1. Turn your car into a character!

Another easy way to design your car for Halloween is to think first of a well-known cartoon character. You can look up their trademark features or colors, and decorate your car accordingly.

  1. Go traditional.

Finding it a bit difficult to think of a character and dressing up your car? You can always go the traditional Halloween way! Simply decorate your car with cobwebs, dark orange Christmas lights, cut-out silhouettes of bats, ghosts, skeletons, etc. It will still grab attention as you drive by or even when it’s parked outside of your house.

  1. Use your car’s features to your advantage.

Another innovative and fun way to decorate your car is to use its features well. Got a pickup truck and feeling really creative? Make your own Halloween float at the back or even install a mini-game that can be enjoyed by everyone going trick or treating! It’ll be even more fun when you can drive your car around.

  1. Keep it safe.

Halloween is definitely a holiday we all look forward to each year. So you decided to take it up an extra notch by designing your car? Remember to keep it safe and make sure that all materials you use are harmless to you and your car! Don’t use materials that could easily catch on fire or ruin the exterior.

Follow all these tips and you and your car will definitely grab attention this Halloween. The sky’s the limit for this fun holiday!

Written by the staff at KB Tire & Auto. KB Tire & Auto is the leading expert in auto repair Moberly MO has to offer.


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