Catfishing: A Brief Guide On The Cyber Catfishes And To Identify One

We live in such a world now where there exists a word, Virtual reality, a word which sounds like an oxymoron, is an oxymoron, but aptly describes our obsession with the virtual, rather than the real. It has quite become the norm for netizens to meet people, make new friends, and form new relationships and even fall in love, online.

Catfishing: The Phenomenon

Catfishing is, as Urban Dictionary puts it, “The phenomenon of internet predators that fabricate online identities and entire social circles to trick people into emotional/romantic relationships (over a long period of time), with possible
motivations of revenge, loneliness, curiosity, boredom”.

Catfishing: A Brief Guide On The Cyber Catfishes And To Identify One

According to a recent survey, about 55% of internet users deem online dating a great and appropriate way to meet new people. But with opportunities comes opportunists, catfishers being one such. With the increase in online dating game, catfishing has become more prevalent than ever and is continuously growing. The term Catfish became mainstream when filmmaker Nev Schulman released a documentary called “Catfish” chronicling his interaction with the fake web persona called “Megan”, the true face being of a woman called Angela who used the pictures of a Vancouver based model for her online profile.

Nowadays there are many professional Private Investigators in Melbourne who are quite proficient in fishing out catfishes, from the murky waters of the internet.

Signs To Watch Out For

Nowadays, with the surge in online dating, it is a fact that about 1 in 10 dating profiles are fake. So, it’s not quite highly unlikely that you may be the next victim of a catfishing scam. If your new online friend is behaving weirdly and you notice some ambiguity and inconsistence in their interaction with you, then it’s a high chance that you might be catfished.

  • Catfishers are generally pushy and may fell clingy during their interactions. Even if there hadn’t been much ground of it, they will try to establish intimacy.
  • They try to wriggle out of telephonic communications and will make up excuses against it.
  • They refuse to show their actual face through video chat or cam chats.
  • Even if they agree to do video chat, they won’t be available at the time and will provide substantial excuse
  • Upon confrontation or intimation of suspicion they will turn angry and apprehensive about it.
  • They will use high words and make over the top promises.
  • In their profile they will have highly attractive & professionally taken photos.
  • You have no mutual friends.
  • They don’t have many comments, if they have some; they are generally from same people.
  • The personal details will be vague and ambiguous and just won’t add up.
  • They will be going through some sort of perpetual hardship and will be asking for favors quite often.
  • Last but not the least, your gut feeling might tell you that something may be wrong.

Private Detectives in Melbourne get regular cases involving catfish scams. Check out the signs clearly so as not to become the victim of one.

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