Choosing A Summer Beach Holiday Destination In India

Summer vacation is your chance to enjoy the sunshine and warm environment. Summer is one of the most awaited seasons for many people. If you are looking forward for a summer holiday in India it is important to be aware of the whereabouts of the country. Aside from the accommodation you must also know what type of transportations are available that will get you around the beautiful beaches of the country.

When it comes to summer holiday the first thing that would come into your mind is the beach. India has attractive places and admirable beaches. The beautiful picturesque of Indian beaches will provide you a memorable experience in life. Many tourists enjoy a life in the shore to catch the waves roar, practice sports, enjoy delicious food and gossip with nature.

The Beautiful Beaches in India

A summer vacation is a showcase of fun, adventure and relaxation. You can take a swim in the mesmerizing beaches of India or indulge in various water activities to enjoy your summer holiday. Here are some of the famous beaches in India that you can visit.

  • Covelong Beach
  • This is a magnificent beach located in Chennai. This is also known as the Most Popular Virgin Beach which is only in India. The good thing about the area is that it is easily accessible by tourists. You can enjoy in the beach, marvel at landscapes or join with other tourists in a fun sports or activities. You will have a fantastic moment in the water while you swim, surf and dive or use a water scooter to explore the sea.

Choosing A Summer Beach Holiday Destination In India

  • Baga Beach
  • This is a famous beach in Goa. A popular relaxation destination for a summer vacation. This is a great place to escape from a chaotic and stressful work and enjoy the beauty of nature. The place can provide you with a refreshing aura and charismatic good looks. Wake boarding, para sailing, kite surfing, dolphin spotting, jet ski, wind surfing and other water activities are things that you can do in the beach.

 Choosing A Summer Beach Holiday Destination In India

  • Juhu Beach
  • A summer beach holiday in India would be a perfect treat if it is in Julu Beach. This beach is in Mumbai, India which is a good spot for tourists to enjoy the light colored sand, sloping waves and cool surroundings. Whether you are with your family or friends during your summer holiday this beach can cater all your vacation expectations. You can eat delicious food snacks, play volley at the beach and enjoy the sunset or sunrise.

Choosing A Summer Beach Holiday Destination In India

  • Alappuzha Beach
  • This is located in Kerala and is popularly recognized as the Venice of the East. The beach is widely known for backwater delights, marine activities and boat races. Let your summer vacation become rejuvenating experience as you cherish the pristine white sand and exotic palms of the beach. You may experience staying in their houseboats and enjoy your vacation like you never did before.

Choosing A Summer Beach Holiday Destination In India

The beaches in India have been a popular destination for people from across the globe during summer season. The sky blue water, food and activities are what attract tourist who enjoys a life in the shore.

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