Choosing Promotional Products That Meet Your Business’ Needs

There is a large variety of customized promotional products to choose from when deciding to purchase items to promote your business, team, and other causes. Depending on your needs, custom products can be incredibly beneficial for creating awareness for you. So what are the best products to use?

Sports Teams

With sports teams, you are often set a budget. If you are a club team, the amount of money available depends on the amount players are willing to spend out of pocket. College teams and high school teams are often funded by the school. If you’re looking to invest in team products, get together and discuss what everyone wants and what they are willing to spend.

Your main products will be screen printed apparel. This can range from t-shirts, shorts, pants, sweatshirts and uniforms. T-shirts can be printed under $10 per shirt. Although the price of the shirt is impacted by the number of printed colors, brand, printed sides, and the number of shirts ordered.


Businesses can use multiple products for promotional purposes. Whether it’s for custom corporate apparel, pen, or promotional giveaway items, you can use different methods to create awareness for your brand. Generally, a business has a budget for marketing and promotional items. Research your budget and make a proposal on investing in new promotional items. Popular items for offices are corporate pens, and they make a great giveaways for customers. Other items include umbrellas, desk accessories and tote bags.

Trade shows

Trade shows are a great way to gain new clients and create a greater awareness for your brand. It’s crucial to have some kind of giveaway at trade shows. People love free stuff, and it will help them remember your name. The more unique the item, the more likely they will remember your name. For instance, water bottles, promotional koozies, and calendars are an item potential clients can use after the trade show.

If you don’t have a trade show booth, it’s actually a great investment. Trade show booths assist in making your brand look professional, no matter what size your company is. They are easy to set up and travel with.


School spirit will never go out of style. It doesn’t matter if you are in high school or college, you will generally find someone wearing a shirt from their school in public. Even alumni and parents love to share their pride. Apparel is a popular item among custom orders. Other items include writing utensils, sport sacks, and key chains.

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Kelli Anderson is a freelance writer who designs customized promotional products for a company in Upstate New York. She knows how difficult it can be to choose the right products for your business, so she recommends that you do some research and find something that truly works for you!


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