Cleaning Tricks and Tips From Pros.

Cleaning is part art and part science.
Whenyou clean you have to look at the reasons for cleaning. There are basically two reasons. Health is primary. Dirt gives bacteria and germs a place to live. Dust gets into the air causing allergic reactions, trouble breathing and then landing where you do not want it. The second reason is so the area looks nicer and smells better and makes you feel comfortable.

Keep those two concepts in mind and you can see that making it look good is like an art. Making it safe and sanitary is like science. Practice them both and you will get results you want.

Routine is the key.
The biggest mistake people make in cleaning a home or office is putting it off. What can take only 10 minutes four times a week can twice that long every two weeks and it is dirty in the meantime. Let dirt of any kind build up and it causes injury to the surface it is covering. Dirt build up will attract mold and slimes and house bacteria and germs.

Cleaning solutions and other solvents.
Sanitizing is really important. And also is rinsing. When you are choosing cleaners carefully read their labels. And when you can, do not use them. Here is the simple logic. The chemicals that sanitize your area do that by killing bacteria and germs and perhaps fungus. Those are living organisms. You are a living organism. The connection is obvious; the chemicals can harm you also. It is not just the residue left behind but contact with the user is also a problem. Wear gloves, open windows and don’t stay with it too long. The wrong chemicals or the right ones used wrong can get you sick. Be careful.

There are great tools out there to help anyone clean like a professional. Vacuums and shampooers are now available that help with almost every area of a house. Electric scrubber brushes help you do a better job faster, from floors to ovens to toilets. Long reach dusters reduce the need for ladders and their dangers.

Finishing touches and taking care of your surfaces.
A flower, special folds on linens and clean fresh scent create an atmosphere of caring and cleanliness. Organizing and removing clutter and arranging the furniture just right, make a space seem new.

There are many products out there that help you with your cleaning. But there are also many products that help to treat you counters and furniture and flooring and walls and cabinets and fixtures. A touch up of paint for nicks and furniture polish with a stain are huge ways to make your space look nice and easier to clean next time. There are great metal polishes that make door handles and plumbing fixtures shine and sparkle. There are even treatments for carpets  that help them stay looking fresh. (I use this carpet cleaning company in Brisbane, and I am extremely satisfied)
Almost every material used to make counters has a special sealant to use regularly; these keep the shine and luster.

Remember that if you keep surface areas in good shape there will be less nooks and crannies for bad stuff to hide.


Author: Michelle Lee

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