Cloud Based CRM Software For Improving Business Profits

Do you want to know how to boost and automate your sales processes? Are you tired of processing enormous customer databases in Excel spreadsheets? As the sales cycles tend to get longer, it is impossible to wade through innumerable business details. For example, while looking at the organization name, it is hard to revise its type, the reason of associating with it and when the contact took place. Or sometimes it is not easy to find a phone number of the much needed person because his exclusive visit card is in the middle of nowhere. With the help of CRM cloud based software, you will get unique opportunities to align the customer relationship management.

Avoid dropping qualified clients

Have you grown weary of the fact that regular clients quit in favor of competitors? Experience has proven that the most frequent reason why this happens is that nobody from the company has contacted the client for a long period of time. It happens so that a sales reps have become immersed in their work, deeply engrossed in the searching of new customers, but forgot to maintain a dialog with his existing clients. Consequently, with a high degree of certainty, your client will choose to switch vendors. A new cloud based CRM software will process and store all the information about clients with high level of security and provide business owners with tools over every rep’s work. Notification bar includes reminders about important events and relevant customer information. The system will lead the prospects through all the steps of sales funnel to a successfully signed contract.

Be independent of your representative’s customers

Are you familiar with a situation of hiring a new sales representative due to their solid customer database instead of their skills or competence? Oftentimes, executives hope that having employed a rival’s salesperson helps engaging new customers. However, when a representative leaves, all potential clients he had worked with also disappear and it will be quite hard pressing to deliver a trustworthy sales forecasting. It is especially very unpleasant if a client isn’t quick in taking a decision about purchasing something during a month or even more.

Benefits of cloud based CRM software while running a business

The best solution is supposed to increase the sales volumes and hence profits by means of an advanced source – sales automation and effective data processing system. As you know, CRM stands for “customer relationship management” and nowadays it has become a primary tool of the majority of companies for reaching their business goals. The number of companies, which increased their profits by using this software, has dramatically grown from 12% in 2010 to 87% in 2016.

Easy data sharing

Vast amount of customer information needs to be easily shared between company departments. For example, if a sales manager has made a deal, he will just need to inform a delivery service about the list of goods for a necessary order. All the client’s contacts are gathered in cloud based CRM software of the enterprise. It is very convenient for two reasons.

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–    First, such approach significantly improves inner communications in the company.

–    Second, this option speeds up the reaction of a system on a new prospect.

Therefore, the quality of the teamwork is increased as well as the client’s loyalty to the whole company service.

Automatic reminder

CRM app will automatically point out your managers that it is the best time to send new and useful information to the existing customers or make a follow-up call, as the system will guide your reps on each stage of the established sales process. You may also install an auto reminder of birthdays or other important events. In this case, you don’t need to rely on your employee’s promptitude.

Communication recording

CRM system allows fixing all the incoming and outcoming calls and information automatically. Thus, if you fail to recall the organization or customer name, the cloud based CRM software will be able to track the entirety of previous customer interactions. Supposing the sales representative who is responsible for the client takes sick days, goes on vacation or quits the job, any sales rep from your team can pick up where the previous rep left and continue the communication with the client immediately.

Data security

Any chance of customer data breach is slim to none, as high-quality security of bpm’online cloud CRM offers up-to-date solutions to make your client’s database highly protected from any accidents. It is said that cloud based solutions are not as safe as on-premise CRM systems, however premium CRM vendors have made significant improvements in terms of data security.

Do you want to find out the ways to automate an entire sales process in your enterprise? Pick the most suitable CRM vendor on the market, log in and you will be able to tailor the CRM software to the unique business goals of your company.


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