CNC Machine: How to Extend the Life of Your Equipment

A CNC machine is one in which things need to be done in an accurate and reliable manner. It can also be costly if you find yourself having to replace this type of machinery often. The best solution is to keep it in good working order. Here are some techniques that you can use in order to extend the life of your equipment.

Use a Maintenance Schedule

Develop a maintenance schedule when it comes to performing the routine types of tasks that are required for your equipment. This could mean that you check it on a monthly or even weekly basis. The average time between maintenance checks should be calculated based on the amount of use that each piece of equipment receives. A more frequently used CNC machine will require more maintenance than one that gets very little use.

Lubricate Appropriately

The type of industrial cutting fluid that you want to use will depend on the type of equipment that you have as well as the product that’s being manufactured. Do some research so that you can find the appropriate form of lubrication for your specific type of CNC machine. Another thing to consider is how frequently your equipment will need to be lubricated. Some machines will only require daily industrial cutting fluids, where others will need constant or more frequent lubrication methods.

Perform Verification Checks

You’ll need to verify that your equipment is ready for action each day. Check parts that receive a lot of wear and tear before you begin operating it. Replace parts as needed in order to extend the life of your equipment. Make sure to use parts that are compatible with your machinery. The wrong part can create more damage and can result in shortening the lifespan of your equipment.

Control Your Power Source

Another thing to consider is your electrical load. A power surge could spell disaster for your equipment. You need to regulate your power source so that the electrical components don’t either get fried from a surge, or do not have enough power to operate at optimal capacity. Determine your electrical needs and build up some form of regulation device for all of your equipment.

In order to extend the life of your CNC equipment, you have to take some precautions to keep it in good working order. Use these tips to help you determine what needs to be done in order to achieve this goal.


Author: Anica O

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