Common Custom Home Building Myths

Building a custom home puts off many would-be homeowners because of a few myths that may have heard about. Some may have basis in fact, but many are easily disputed. Living in a custom home built for what you want and what you need is a joy – one that you will cherish every day.

So, on to the myths that may be preventing you from building your dream house by a Victoria BC custom home builder:

1) Cost – many potential owners are immediately put off by the thought of building a custom house because of the cost. There is a lot precedence for custom houses ballooning in cost as construction progresses, but this need not be the case. Assess your needs and wants, give the builder a design brief, and hold him to the budget with a binding contract. Note that any changes you make once construction has begun may subject the proposed budget to an adjustment.

2) The owner needs to know about design – nope, it is the builder’s job to sit down with you and listen to what you need and what you want. You can be involved as much or as little in the design of your dream home. A large kitchen with an island, or a man cave with lines for supplied air or hard lines for computer connections – whatever you fancy. If you want, you can even specify what brand of circuit breakers you want, or the toilet fixtures you’d like to install. Do bear in mind that costs can vary greatly between brands, and this will affect the cost of your house. In the design and planning stage, however, you can change things around to suit your budget.

3) Custom home building is a major pain – yes, it is, if you don’t choose your new home builder in Victoria BC carefully. It is essential that you engage the services of a builder with a solid reputation. They may be more expensive, but believe it or not, they will cost less in the long run. Shady contractors will use substandard or substituted materials to decrease their costs – which will show a few years later when stuff around your house starts to break down. A builder with a reputation to protect will not engage in those practices just to earn a couple of hundred dollars more. Furthermore, a builder will be forthright about any possible delays or setbacks that may occur during the course of the build.

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