Common Duties & Responsibilities Of Gemologist By Rick Casper Diamond

The job of gemologist is very much in demand these days as they have the expertise in various types of gems and stones. Often referred to as gem expert, they thoroughly study the gems in order to find out their value, composition, genuineness, quality etc. by using a number of state of the art tools. Gemologists are often hired by a number of jewelry stores and at times they may work independently as well.

Common Duties & Responsibilities Of Gemologist By Rick Casper Diamond

Rick Casper Diamond points out about the common duties and responsibilities of gemologist

The primary responsibility of the gemologist is to recognize the defects and excellence of gems. In addition to this they are also responsible to sell and buy gems for jewelry shops and assist consumers choose the stones that are ideal.

Rick Casper Diamond is a renowned diamond gemologist who has vast understanding about diamonds. Even though there are various types of precious gems available in the market, Rick prefers diamonds over others because of their uniqueness and excellence. Being a gemologist himself, he points out the common duties and responsibilities of these professionals:

  • The key responsibility of the gemologist is to study the external composition as well as the internal surface of a gem by making use of instruments such as microscopes, refractometer etc.
  • Their duty is to immerse stones and gems into chemical solutions to figure out the properties of various stones.
  • In addition, these professionals also study rare stones and gems and find out the uncommon samples and properties.
  • Moreover, these gemologists are skilled at estimating the quality of a gem and its market value.
  • Another important duty of these professionals is to advise the customers about the types of gems that they want to buy.
  • They also make model using carved wax or with computer-aided design, and then cast pieces with the model

Thus, it can be said that gemologists examine, define, and confirm the quality and characteristics of gemstones. By using computerized tools, microscopes, and other grading instruments they examine gemstones or finished pieces of jewelry, and write reports certifying that the items are of a specific quality. However, not anyone can become gemologist as in order to be in the profession one needs to complete specific training course that is focused on this particular subject.

Being a famous gemologist, Rick Casper Diamond says just by gaining a degree or diploma one cannot become a professional as it takes time to learn and become good at this trade. Since gemologists frequently purchase gems for jewelry shops, one should know in what way to detect valuable gems and their price as per their existence and the quality of any defects. Moreover, the professional gemologist must know in what way the clarity, color, and shape of gems affect their worth and how to differentiate between a fake a genuine gem.

Rick Casper serves as a mentor to a number of young folks who aim to work with precious stones. He has a student who is now enrolled in the Graduate Gemologist Program at the Gemological Institute of America.


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