Common Mistakes When Ordering Heating Oil For Your Home

Don’t fall victim to various mistakes when it comes to ordering heating oil for your home. These mistakes can cost you money. They can also result in you being in a cold home. Planning early, securing the right service provider, and keeping an eye on pricing will help you get what you need without any problems.

Wrong Provider

The wrong provider can be the core of your problems and mistakes when it comes to getting your heating oil. Take your time to carefully investigate your options. You need to make sure it has a good system in place. Learn about its filling methods, customer service, prices, and overall reputation. The more you know about it, the easier it is to make a good choice.

Common Mistakes When Ordering Heating Oil For Your Home

When you order home heating oil from Emo, you get fast and friendly service. You can call them with any questions you may have. You can also order online or by phone so you have plenty of convenience. They offer low prices, and they will take the time to make sure you have everything you need. It is certainly recommended to check out what they can offer before you make a decision.


While it can be tough to budget for the cost, you need to have money put away to fill your tank. You will get a lower price if you fill it up than buying just a portion of what will fit into your tank. Plan for a harsh winter and for higher prices than the year before. This will ensure you have enough money put aside for your heating oil costs. If it ends up being a lower price, you will have some extra money for something else!

Filling The Tank Without An Inspection

A common mistake you need to avoid is having your tank filled without an inspection. The provider should inspect the tank each time they are going to add to it. If there are any signs of damages or cracks, those need to be fixed. Sometimes, a tank is old and beyond repair, so it will need to be replaced. Filling a tank that isn’t in good enough condition is going to cause problems.

You may have heating oil leaking, and that is going to cost you money. Instead of you being able to use the oil to heat your home, it is going to be all over the ground. The speed of the leak can result in you not having enough oil to get you through the winter without a refill. The oil on the ground is damaging to the environment. It can also cause a fire risk.

Emergency Filling

Don’t make the mistake of running out of heating oil or running extremely low on heating oil. It will cost you more to get an emergency fill up than it will a regularly scheduled one. If you run out of the heating oil, you can be in a very cold home. You can end up with damages to your home if the pipes get too cold. If they freeze, they can build up pressure and then burst.


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