Common Process Equipment Applications In The Food Industry

In the food industry, process equipment like different types of mills are commonly used to change the size of particles and to perform important tasks for it to become the finished product.  This kind of equipment comes in several different varieties, and is used for things like mixing, separating and reclaiming, reducing the size of ingredients, dispersing and adjusting the bulk density.  Here are a few specifics.

Hot Breakfast Cereals
During processing, when pieces of cooked cereal are sent through, many of them are far too big to be part of the finished product.  Without sufficient process equipment, the pieces that require cooking, drying and processing aren’t uniform and as a result they don’t cook evenly.

When a proper mill is set up as part of production, consistent particles are produced, and the cereal flaker can send out uniform flakes that meet all of the quality control demands of the company.

High Fat Powder Mixes
In processing plants that mix batch powders for baking and other reasons, fatty lumps are often dispersed throughout the mixture.  This usually affects mixes like cake mix, donut mix and shortening powders.  Blenders are usually used to try and achieve a consistent end result, but it rarely works out that way.  When lumps are left behind there is difficulty in packaging and the flavor will be concentrated in different spots, which affects the end result.

Proper process equipment prevents the heat from building up during mixing, which helps prevent clumping.  The right type of mill also uses filters or screens that will also ensure a consistent baking mix every time.

Granola Bar Deagglomeration
Deagglomeration is the word given to the process of breaking up substances that have been clumped or clustered together.  It’s easy to see how all of the ingredients in chewy granola bar manufacturing could end up this way.  With oats, nuts, chocolate chips, rice and sugary syrup are all mixed together it’s hard to think of any result but clumping.

Without the right process equipment, the granola bars become broken or misshapen during the process, which affects quality and makes effective packaging impossible.  When the right equipment is used, the quality and appearance of the bars is saved.

Size Reduction of Freeze Dried Bacteria Culture
Once bacteria culture is made for use in things like yogurt and cheese, it is often freeze dried for long-term storage.  When bacteria culture is freeze-dried the end result are chunks that resemble pieces of Styrofoam.  They are stored in freezer and then turned into powder when ready for use.

Using the right process equipment to create this powder enables the manufacturer to maintain the highest concentration of live cells, which is crucial where things like cheese and yogurt are concerned.

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