Common Reason For Hiring A Private Investigator

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You’d be forgiven for thinking that UK private investigators are something of a rare breed and that there’s really not a great deal of call for such individuals. In reality however, there are in fact thousands of them working at wholly different levels and with very different areas of focus up and down the country right now. And what’s even more surprising is the way in which there are countless reasons why any given person or business might suddenly find themselves in need of the services of a good PI – at which time it becomes clear that having so many in service in the UK is quite the blessing.

Like most things in life, you can’t imagine yourself ever needing a PI until the moment you absolutely do. But while you may have already reached the natural assumption that the average PI is limited to just one or two types of service, they can in fact offer an incredible array of investigative service packages for a number of purposes.

Common Reason For Hiring A Private Investigator

So to illustrate the subject a little more clearly, here’s a quick look at just a few of the most common reasons why people are hiring PIs up and down the UK right now:

1 – Online Meetings

First of all, there are many different reasons these days why one or more people may decide to meet up with others they met online. From online dating to business deals and other social networking, it’s very difficult to learn anything about the person you’ll be meeting simply from the words you’ve exchanged on screen. This is why some will hire a PI just to take a little deeper look into the person in question to ensure they are in fact who they say they are.

2 – Cheating Spouses

This is perhaps the number-one reason why any given PI in the world is hired at any time. There’s little in life more devastating than being in a position where you’re 99% sure your partner is being unfaithful but you cannot prove it. So whether it’s simply for personal closure or to ensure you’re successful at an impending divorce battle, a PI can make sure you have the evidence you need to prove your suspicions were right…assuming of course they are.

3 – Financial Matters

Another common reason to hire a PI is for the purposes of chasing debts and looking into those who owe money to anyone else. If, for example, you have lent a sum of money to someone else only for them to disappear off the face of the Earth, a PI has the skills and knowledge to track them down and tell you where they are. They can’t guarantee a successful outcome in terms of repayment, but they can at least lead you to those who owe you money.

4 – Lost Friends and Family

One of the more pleasant services the PI carries out these days is helping to track down friends and family members with whom contact was lost at any point in the past. From trying to find out who your real father was to contacting old school friends and even looking into suspicions that you may have a sibling you were never told about, a PI will know just what to do and where to look to uncover the truth.

5 – Fraudulent Sickness Claims

In terms of business use, one of the most common and important services the modern PI offers for the business world is that of checking up on employees that are taking time off due to sickness in order to find out whether or not they are in fact sick at all. It’s very easy to fool doctors into giving out long-term sick notes for various injuries and stress-related conditions – it’s also very tricky for the brand they work for to prove they’re lying. That is of course unless a PI is hired to gather concrete evidence, which has the potential to save the business in question a small fortune.

6 – New Employee or Business Partner Background

Last but not least, another common use of the PI for the business world is that of carrying out checks into any given individual to find out whether they are in fact who they say they are. It could be a new employee looking to take up an important position or perhaps a prospective business partner you’d like to know a little more about – in any and all such cases where taking things at face value is a risk, a good PI can look as deeply as necessary into their past in order to find out who they really are.


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