Comprehensive Care For Your Pancreas

Learning that you have a pancreatic disorder can be startling as well as confusing. You need the proper medication so that you can understand and manage your condition and also keep away from serious complications. Dr. PK Sethy, the best Pancreas doctor in Kolkata, uses the latest and most accurate techniques to treat your pancreatic disease. Our experts know the subtle differences between pancreas disorders and other digestive conditions – so you get the correct treatment, immediately!

Pancreas Disorders and Related Disorders We Treat

The gastroenterology team of Dr. PK Sethy specializes in disorders that can hurt the pancreas and upset its capacity to help digest food. These include:

Acute pancreatitis: sudden inflammation of the pancreas. Despite the fact that assaults are commonly caused by gallstones or liquor abuse, in many cases the cause is uncertain. With proper medical care, you may keep away from potentially life-threatening complications, including lung or kidney failure, and prevent future assaults.

Pancreatic blisters: liquid-filled sacs that develop on or in your pancreas. Some pimples are harmless, yet others may become cancerous. If your type of growth increases your hazard for pancreatic cancer, we’ll create a plan for careful monitoring.

Gallstones: hardened bunches of digestive liquid that form in the gallbladder. If gallstones develop, they can hinder the pancreatic pipe and cause pancreatitis.

Why choose Dr. PK Sethy?

At our clinic, the team of gastroenterologists specializes in pancreas and bile conduit disorders, bringing extensive training and experience to your care. Living with a pancreas disorder can be challenging, however with the correct medical and supportive care, you can enjoy a full, productive life. Our team includes experts who specialize in pain management, nutrition, integrative medicine, and behavioral health.

Our doctors participate in scientific research that may help improve the manner in which we diagnose and treat pancreas disorders. Our team includes researchers who are working to understand the science of pancreatic sores and doctors who are a piece of a clinical preliminary testing an experimental therapy for chronic pancreatitis.

People with certain pancreas disorders have a higher danger of developing pancreatic cancer. Our surgeons treat some of the highest numbers of pancreatic cancer patients in Kolkata. We’re also nationally recognized for our use of advanced imaging, including endoscopic, to diagnose pancreatic cancer at the earliest possible stage. We offer comprehensive care with an emphasis on the best possible outcomes and improved quality of life.

In another case, if you are also looking for an ERCP doctor in Kolkata, then also you can contact us to book an appointment with Dr. PK Sethy. For this, you can essentially visit our website. We at our clinic are anchored with Dr. PK Sethy and remain deeply connected to its community roots, however, we are here with the capacity to offer a lifetime of care over an expansive spectrum of healthcare specialties and services. Your total health is our priority and we continue to evolve so that we are ready with the correct healthcare services. So, if you are in need of any digestive treatment, then you can get in touch with Dr. PK Sethy.


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