Consulting A Doctor For Back Pain

Back pain is something almost everyone will experience at some time in their life. If the pain is not too bad, there are over the counter medications that will help alleviate back pain. Unfortunately, there are going to be instances where just taking a pill or putting on a patch won’t be enough. That’s when finding the right back doctor is of utmost importance.

Since there are different types of back pain, there are also different types of physicians that are available. The back doctor that specializes in one aspect of back pain assistance might not be the appropriate back doctor to see for a specific back pain problem. For most back pain sufferers, there two types of specialists will provide the right healthcare: non-surgical and surgical.

Non-surgical Specialists
The physiatrist (physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor) gives nonsurgical treatment for back pain. By using rehab and/or medical injections, this would be the best option to try first because there is no surgery involved for back pain relief.

The physical therapist offers exercises that will provide the strength and flexibility to the body so back pain will be lessened and perhaps overtime prevented. For some patients, this is the best option because all they need is the education on how exercise can help with aches and pains in the body.

Surgical Specialists
The chiropractor specializes in spinal manipulation to help patients with back pain. By giving this and other treatments (exercise and lifestyle counseling), the chiropractor provides the back pain victim the assistance they require. Some back pain sufferers often seek the services of a chiropractor. Just by having their back “cracked” and making a couple of lifestyle changes, most people will immediately experience the relief they are seeking.

For some back pain patients, the inevitable need for surgery is something that is unavoidable. Finding the right orthopedic surgeon or neurosurgeon has to be taken into great consideration. Previously, if a patient was experiencing back pain because of some type of nerve problem, a neurosurgeon was usually sought for advice. Nowadays, either specialist can be consulted with because both will have taken a fellowship that focuses on spinal surgery. A person suffering from back pain now has the choice to see either an orthopedic surgeon or a neurosurgeon. It is very convenient, comforting and less stressful to have so many specialists that out there that can provide someone help with back pain.

The Brain & Spine Institute of North Houston was establishedby Dr. Fayaz in 2009. Dr. Fayaz has been helping people for over twenty years get relief from back pain.


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