Converting A PDF To Excel – What Can Excel Do That A PDF Can’t?

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A pdf file is a very versatile file; it can include images, video and even links as well as a variety of formats. One file can be made up of multiple pages and it ca, be displayed on a computer screen, as part of a presentation or printed to create a handout for part of a public speech or to allow you to manually review and edit it. The file can even be compressed to save space and enable it to be uploaded via an email or to a web page; perhaps even more impressive is that compressing the file does not reduce the quality of the final product.

Converting A PDF To Excel – What Can Excel Do That A PDF Can’t?

However, you will almost certainly have come across one of the many sites on the internet which offers to convert a file into the pdf format. In fact, most of these sites also offer to convert the pdf file into another format. For example, it is possible to convert a pdf file into Excel, although this may lead you to ask why you would want this as an option!

Excel Files

Excel is a Microsoft product which provides spreadsheets and a range of tools to evaluate the spreadsheet data. It will even allow you to present the data in graph form. With the right knowledge it is possible to input all sorts of formulas which will enable the spreadsheet to calculate any variable or amalgamation of data.

Why Convert?

There are several reasons to convert your file into Excel:

  • Pdf files are not generally editable; this means that there is little you can do with the information you have except look at it. If you wish to analyze it further you will need to do it manually. By converting it onto an Excel format you will be able to use all the Microsoft tools to quickly complete your analysis and even display a variety of graphs to illustrate your findings.
  • An excel file can be edited and saved without any risk to the original data, which is retained within the original pdf document. This means it is possible to share the information and allow others to edit the data without risking losing the original. Excel also has the advantage of being a very well known and used product; most people have a basic idea how to utilize the software and can use basic calculations to find out the trends and facts they need to know.
  • Pdf to Excel convertors are exceptionally good at maintaining the format of date in a pdf file and placing it into the Excel document. They can ignore the irrelevant fields and data which do not include numbers and provide an accurate transfer of the numerical data. This allows someone to prepare the file with all the facts and, whilst others can manipulate and recalculate the figures, they cannot adjust the writing already included in the file. This makes the original calculations safe and allow the receiver to check them and interpret them in their own way; using the computer. Most files are far too large to want to undertake this job manually and the sender of the file may not be keen on providing the original data.


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