Cost Of Love Research Results Show Singletons At An Advantage!

Rate Supermarket have calculated the cost of being in a relationship and come up with such a high figure, that it would seem that it is better being single! Leader post have reported their findings which are that in the first two years of a relationship, from first date to marriage, the average couple spends $43,842.08 just on their relationship. This seems like a huge amount of money!

  • What Is It Spent On:

    This does seem like an almost unbelievable amount of money, but a big percentage of that is for the wedding and then there is the cost of an engagement ring and holidays added in to it as well. It is important to remember that this is an average figure and so it could be less, but it could be more! As well as these costs, there are the costs of all of the dates. If course, even someone not in a long term relationship, will have dates, but as you get more serious with someone then you may decide to go on weekend breaks together or even take a holiday and these will add up. However, you may do this with friends if you are not with a partner.

  • Is It Worth It:

    Many people enjoy being on their own. However, there is a lot of pleasure to be got from a relationship and so the financial cost would be felt to be worth it by many people. If the relationship does not work out, then there may be some regrets with regards to the money that has been spent though.

    If you are frugal and budget well, then you can spend less money and may feel better. If you enjoy what you have spent the money on, then this can help, as even if the relationship does not go on, the memories from those holidays, concerts, movie trips etc could still be good.

  • Financial Planning:

    Many relationships break down because of money worries though. This means that if you are concerned about the cost of a relationship, you should discuss it with your partner. Make sure that you are aware of each other’s feelings about money and make spending decisions together. If one partner thinks the other is not paying their way or one feels the other is overspending, it could lead to problems, especially if you start sharing a home together.

    You may not be ready to start planning financially for the future, but it is still important to consider it. If you are single, then you need to think about the cost of a relationship and whether you need to start saving up or avoiding meeting anyone! If you are in a relationship then make sure that you start discussing finances, if you have not already as the sooner you understand each other with regards to money, the better.

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