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Creating a Sacred Space in Your Home

Designate the space

The first step is to pick somewhere specific in your home as your sacred space. Try to find a place that is already free from any type of distractions, such as electronics, work, and children. It is very important that you don’t have this area in your bedroom. But if there is no way around, any relics that you want to bring into that space needs to be raised to the level of the bed. Maybe you can place them on a shelf of a bookshelf. Just make sure that it’s not opposite to your feet when you’re in your bed.

Setting the Tone:

You may be asking to yourself, what should you bring into sacred space? The simplest way to start by connecting with a few of your senses.

  • Sight and touch:Bring in few healing crystals, relics, or arts for sacred place that gets you into the mood for the ultimate spiritual re-centring. If you place a crystal in your space, you will be needing to cleanse and program it with an intention. Itis preferable to use self-standing crystal points. They hold that space of our energy, and send the positive vibes and energy we set up towards the universe.
  • Smell: Light your incense sticks and diffuse your essential oils or whichever soothing scent that makes you peaceful. Sandalwood is especially useful for getting you into the meditative or trance state.
  • Sound: Try playing a tranquil track or some high frequency music to send pleasure-producing dopamine running throughout your body and to bring you deeper into a meditative state.
    Implement the symbolic act of lighting a candle. When you light the candle at the beginning of your practice, you’re signifying the start of your connection to your higher source or creator. It fully makes clear to your spirit that you are transcending to a new state of mind.

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Committing time:

Whether it’s just a couple of minutes or an hour, your practice should fill that entire time, and you should be consistent. It’s the daily commitment and encouragement that brings the energetic shift in that space. That means committing to the same amount of time and energy, every day. If you are thinking of taking this commitment to the next level, it is advised that you try your best to keep your sacred space time to the same time every day.

Create a practice.

For some people, practice is prayer. For others, it’s a meditation. And for some, that may be a crystal ritual. Break out from those mantras, breath-work, and whatever practice you need to get into your highest state. It’s okay if you feel that there is a need to experiment around with these things. This is your space of learning, expansion and freedom.

So now that have a basic understanding on how to create a sacred space, you are ready to create your own! Use this space as a medium to connect with yourself and get your creative juices flowing. You need to remember that you are the most important person and you have to take care of yourself. Personalize it as you wish to! Make it a spot you never would want to leave.

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