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Creating A Workplace Health And Safety Checklist

There are many measures that have to be taken to ensure that a workplace is safe for employees to begin work in it. This health and safety checklist is concerned with work environment, hygiene, housekeeping, training, emergency equipment, fire protection, evacuation, personnel protection, management, work practices, flammable liquids, compressed gasses, acids and poisons, high hazard processes, pressure equipment, electrical equipment, chemicals, and mechanical and heat hazards.

Sometimes certain workplaces require special care to be taken towards the maintenance of these health and safety measures. It is mandatory to get a health and safety certificate for your work place; if this certificate cannot be produced then legal action can be taken against an organization. For making a good and effective checklist for your particular workplace, you can go online and search any number of pages regarding these checklists, then modify what is relevant but does not apply to you. A daily checklist is different from a long term checklist; some things keep changing everyday and some don’t change for years to come. A perfect checklist should suit the time to which it is to be applied. A checklist is not something that cannot be altered once it is made. If some new requirement crops up, a new item can be added to the existing checklist.

Every point in the checklist should have a small paragraph added to it. This would make it easier for a person to perform his duty in a correct manner. If you create your checklist on a spreadsheet this makes it easier to make changes and additions to the actions that need to be taken. Regular monitoring of the place is possible with the checklist is there in front of you as a guiding factor.

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Checklist that is maintained and updated on regular basis should be taken to the meeting in the office and put before every member present at the meeting. It is always better to have different people giving their viewpoints regarding the checklist. In this way a better checklist can be maintained. Any accident that takes place at a workplace should be properly monitored. All details should be added to the checklist. Proper filing of checklists helps others who wish to know something about health and safety standards for creating their own checklist.

Checklist for a small business will no doubt differ from one that is made for a big organization. Bigger organizations have a larger number of people working according to the checklist and this is another reason as to why the checklist has more additional suggestions showing in it.

This is a guest post by Ben from Rivo Software, a company specialising in enterprise incident management software.

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