Curb Appeal 101: 4 External Changes That Will Sell Your House Faster

After deciding to list your home for sale, you may begin to view it through a buyer’s eyes. By doing so, you may identify trouble spots throughout the interior and exterior that require your attention before putting your home on the market. Curb appeal is often a leading concern for many homeowners preparing to sell. If you are looking for a few excellent exterior updates that can help you to improve curb appeal, these ideas may work well for your home.

Curb Appeal 101: 4 External Changes That Will Sell Your House Faster

Replace the Front Door

The front door is one of the most essential exterior features that impact curb appeal. This is because it draws the eye of anyone who passes by, and it is the focal point for individuals who walk up to the home. If your door looks outdated or poorly maintained, it can dramatically detract from the exterior’s look. Repainting the door may work well in some cases, but replacing the door may be necessary for others.

Install Hardscape Features

Hardscape features are an excellent option to consider if your yard lacks character or if it is otherwise poorly maintained. Consider that a paved walkway can cover over a dirty or muddy footpath with beautiful results. Stones or natural stone pavers can be used to improve the look of the flowerbeds, patio, and other features as well. These are permanent features, so they may add true value to your home.

Clean the Exterior

One important step that many people overlook is power washing the exterior of the home. You may be accustomed to the dirt and grime on your home’s exterior, but it may instantly be noticeable to people who are seeing the property for the first time. Power washing the paved areas, exterior walls, garage door, and other features could make your home look cleaner and brighter.

Freshen up the Landscaping

The vegetation in your front yard should ideally be well-maintained and healthy. If your yard has bare spots or brown patches, consult with a landscaping professional about the right solution to fix the problem. You can also trim the trees and bushes, plant fresh flowers and add mulch to the flowerbeds.

Each home may have multiple issues that are detracting from curb appeal. Spend time identifying your home’s areas of concern, and focus on these ideas as you survey your home. Remember to focus on the areas that are having the most significant detrimental impact first. When your home looks more appealing, it may sell faster and for top dollar.


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