Customize Your Wedding Fashion In Your Own Way

It isn’t that same old same old wedding trend, walking down the aisle is more personal thing for bride as well as for groom. The bid day is not only about celebrating the love for each other, but it’s also about personal style too.

Customize Your Wedding Fashion In Your Own Way

However, the flary white gowns and black tuxes may never go out of fashion, but standing in their wedding is something brides and grooms are opting for this summer. Anything could inspire them, though– their parents’ wedding to their future aspirations or even their day to day styles, for instance the following ones:


Street Style

This year, we have witnessed how much a bride’s street style is infusing into her bridal style. From crop top wedding gowns to little white dress, brides are experimenting with everything chic. Some even went boho while incorporating some floral prints into their wedding attires. However, the biggest inspiration comes from red carpets and runways.

Take Care Of The Exposure

Generally, in weddings we see brides wearing a white gown. Make sure that in all her photos the color of her gown stays white and not dull grey. So, how do you take care of that? Simple – you need in positive exposure compensation to help you with that.


Gone are the days of matching bridal parties in head-to-toe looks. Instead brides and grooms are mixing up. Brides are going a way ahead by not choosing just one dress color, they are picking a color family or style and having their party choose for them from different hues and silhouettes. This has a customizable feel for each member of the party.

Customizing your wedding fashion can be as simple as a unique headpiece or veil or adding up of pop of color with a sash or your shoes. Adding a personal touch with a memento or borrowed family heirloom, is rather better.


Grooms are no way falling back from brides in this, they are more involved than ever on what they would wear.

Typical wedding rules about groom dressing are thrown out of the window now, and men are more attuned and come in with very specific ideas.

Weather Changing Colors

With warmer-weather weddings, people are going in for lighter shades of blue, some really light shades of grey and suits with a lot of texture. The groom has been seen accenting his color and customizing his suit just a bit differently to stand out on his own wedding.

Who knows, the biggest style inspiration for the grooms right now, could be James Bond.

Summery Flowers

Imagination can help customize your look. This time, grooms are going ahead of brides with flowery and light colored shirts and knots. Ties are left behind this summer, some geeky flowery trend is coming up for making them stand out.

You can be as creative as you want to be in your wedding, do some research and yes go on PInterest to steal some really cool wedding fashion ideas.

Wedding venues at Long Island encourage customization in all spheres, whether it’s the theme, cuisines or the costumes and there can be nothing better than the bride and groom making a splash with their fashion sense.


Author: Evie Dawson

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