Deciphering the ABCs of WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress is among the best Content Management Systems (CMSs) accepted and acknowledged by users across the world. To quote the latest figure by, “Nearly 30% of all websites on the internet are powered by WordPress.”

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress Web hosting is a service, in which the web host promises to bear the responsibility of running a WordPress website, and managing all its administrative aspects.

The basic advantages of WordPress Hosting

First of all, as its name indicates, WordPress plans are created with the very aim to aid WordPress websites. The software as well as hardware constituents are specially made for a WordPress website. So, there is no better choice to opt even from other types of hosting such as VPS or Shared.

Secondly, WordPress has been found to be the toughest and a highly secure platform so far. According to a survey in 2017, since WordPress was initially released, over 2,450 security vulnerabilities have been quickly patched. WordPress also offers a user advanced tools and techniques to create an airtight security for his WordPress site.

Thirdly, WordPress provides users access to an array of free themes and plugins. It enables users to improve the efficacy of their website by easily inserting powerful features. Add to this plenty of customization tools that WordPress provides to aid your website performance.

What kind of websites is WordPress for?

WordPress has plenty to offer to all kinds of website owners. It is equally good for web world beginners and big businesses. This is because WordPress Web Hosting is relatively cheaper than other web hosting services. A beginner can get a WordPress plan by paying just $4.95 a month. Moreover, WordPress is a free and open source blogging platform, therefore, you only have to purchase the domain name along with WordPress Hosting. You just have to choose a plan that is right for your business.

There are four types WordPress hosting services made available by hosts:

1. WordPress on Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is the most commonly used and widespread WordPress hosting plan. It is the cheapest and so is sought by most beginners when they think of launching their very first website. In this type of service, several other websites are also given space simultaneously on the same server.

2. Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed hosting, as it is apparent, is a service which is totally managed by the hosts. As the servers of Managed WordPress hosting are specially configured for WordPress, they have tremendous speed which doesn’t fluctuate even if your site receives heavy traffic. Further, you get a tight security layer that blocks all malware and hacking attempts, daily backups and restore points, automatic updates, and a highly knowledgeable, expert support staff.

Managed hosting providers hardly leave anything for the user to do, so the user can focus on his main business. It is a better solution for large and small businesses alike. Managed WordPress Hosting plans add a lot of pace to your website, but the only fix is they are generally not affordable.

3. WordPress on Virtual Private Server (VPS)

In a Virtual Private Server hosting plan, the host splits a physical server into several servers and provides it to individual users according to their needs. This way, the user can install it in an entirely isolated environment. This type of plan best suits websites which receive medium traffic. The plan is costlier than a Managed WordPress Web Hosting, but not more than Dedicated Hosting.

4. WordPress on Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting plans are usually best for websites which receive a considerably high traffic. In such cases, picking any other web hosting alternative may not effectively support the websites’ functioning. In this type of hosting, the host installs WordPress on a physical server, which is Dedicated or completely leased to the website owner.

What features does WordPress Web Hosting offer?

After knowing the various types of WordPress Hosting, let us understand the significance of the features that this web hosting service provides:

  • Premium: A wide range of finest WordPress themes which can be installed with a single click.
  • Enhanced speed: The hosting servers are configured exclusively for WordPress websites and so give an incredibly high speed to your website. Even the heaviest of traffic cannot affect this speed.
  • Backup: You get a daily backup in a WordPress web hosting service pack.
  • Uptime: There are almost no chance of a WordPress web hosting server remaining down. The uptime generally is 99.9%.
  • Up-to-date: Once a website is hosted on a WordPress server, it gets its updates automatically and experiences easy integration of the updates. And up-to-date website is highly secure.

Why would a business choose WordPress Hosting?

WordPress Web Hosting plans, with their vast range, are capable of fulfilling the needs of various sets of businesses and website owners. Along with the above mentioned negligible downtime, automatic CMS updates, version control and backups, WordPress guarantees an excellent customer support. A WordPress Hosting plan is undoubtedly the best option for any business seeking a hassle-free hosting experience.


Choosing an appropriate WordPress hosting plan is totally subject to what type of business your website is for, the amount of traffic you anticipate, and how you plan to manage it. Still, to be able to cater to the basic needs of any website — performance, resource availability and website security – a WordPress Web Hosting plan is, so far, the safest choice.


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