Defining New England Style Interiors

Many of the best-known fashion houses have conflicting opinions when it comes to describing what many understand to be ‘New England style’. The distinctive interior design ideas cultivated by residents of this little corner of the world have charmed homeowners across the world, which is why so many of the ideas associated with the style

In this article, we want to take a brief look at the origins of the style and uncover its unique traits.

Where Is New England?
As you’d expect, the New England style is defined by the decor and style ideas adopted by the people that lived within the New England region of America. The name typically refers to a handful of states in the far northeastern corner of the United States: Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Travellers often remark that each state in the US has its own unforgettable character. This region is no different – in fact, the people that lived here were renowned throughout the country for their friendliness and warm, infectious levels of hospitality. That, coupled with a need for simple yet practical everyday items, is what ultimately inspired the modern-day New England style interiors that have been adapted by contemporary designers for the 21st century. Furniture experts and decor specialists have brought the style bang up to date in order to appeal to those that want to kit out their home with beautiful, high quality pieces that are almost guaranteed to stand the test of time.

The Unique Style of the Region
The phrase ‘New England’ typically brings to mind distressed, white-washed interiors that are accentuated with light and breezy pastel colours. The furniture developed in the New England area in the 1700s didn’t mimic English trends and was much less ornate and fussy. This is why you’ll find New England interiors to appear minimalist in nature. Many will also argue that the style was originally inspired by the work of English-born cabinetmaker George Heppelwhite, who produced delicate-looking furniture that was characterised by tapered legs and contrasting panels and veneers.

Traditional-looking timbers are used to create practical yet easy-on-the-eye furniture, and it’s these kinds of accessories that add to the olde-worlde farmhouse appeal of the genre. New England interiors will often contain a range of characterful items that add a personalised touch to the setting.

New England furniture is often complimented by the basic and functional designs pioneered by the Shakers back in the eighteenth century. A lot of interior designers also use coastal style pieces to accentuate the ruralness and rusticity of New England tables, chairs and decorative accents, which is why quirky beach-inspired items will often be seen scattered around the home of a New England style fan!

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