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Disability Insurance Claims: When Do You Need A Lawyer?

On the surface it seems like filing for a disability claim should be simple. You get sick, are injured on the job, or face some kind of physical or mental limitation and the insurance pays the agreed upon amount. Sometimes, however, due to an insurance company’s policies or negligence, claims are denied, postponed or revised to a smaller amount. In this case it may be time to look into hiring a disability lawyer.

What are disability attorneys?
Disability attorneys specialize in helping people to get claims approved, stop claims from being terminated, negotiate claim settlements and handle lawsuits or appeals. Studies have shown that those who hire a qualified attorney are 600 percent more likely to be successful than those who try to resolve issues on their own or with an unqualified attorney.

Why are claims denied?
Since fraud is most common in disability insurance claims, insurance companies are more wary in fulfilling these claims. As such, the insurance company will want proof of some kind that a disability is actually affecting a person’s ability to work. This is usually in the form of a doctor’s note certifying that the claimant is unable to work due to the disabling condition. Since this is so important, being unable to obtain proof or proof recognized by the insurance company would be a major setback in having a claim approved.

Another reason may simply be human error: a code was punched in wrong, paperwork was lost. Before hiring an attorney make sure that everything went through the system correctly. One way to do this is to meet with your state’s Department of Insurance. These departments are there to help with filing complaints, educate consumers on their rights and to track problems encountered by consumers. Each department can explain what the appropriate steps are to take in each state when you are not satisfied with an insurance claim.

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What about government insurance?
Filing for disability through social security can often be a much more complicated process. For this reason alone a disabled person may want to hire an attorney to help them speed up and simplify the process. Some issues that may come up with the social security office include gaps in medical treatment, not complying with recommended care, a history of drug use or an indication of alcohol abuse. You may also face issues if you have worked past the day you claimed the disability occurred or you stopped working for a reason other than the disability, such as being laid off or moved to a different location.

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