Don’t Pay For Storage Create Your Own!

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One of the most common complaints of any real estate purchase is that there isn’t enough storage space. It could be a kitchen with too few cabinets or closets that are so small you barely have room for shoes. Either way, this creates a problem for homeowners with growing families or those who just like to have their belongings with them. So what’s the fix?

Rather than pay for monthly storage and have to drive to get to your belongings, why not build your own set of cabinets in any room they’re needed? Contrary to popular opinion, cabinets do not have to be the biggest, space-invading object in the room. If you talk to a professional, you’ll see that you can redo existing cabinets and turn them into more efficient spaces. You can also hide cabinets in areas that were not being used before (think about those fake drawers in your kitchen and furniture.) By using these uncommon spaces, you’re not only getting more storage, but you’re hiding it at the same time.

You may notice in older homes that cubbies behind doors, medicine cabinets and other hidden places are used for storage, and these are not present in newer homes. Newer structures are very straightforward, at least in track homes, and what you see is what you get. Part of the attraction of an older home is the mystery of it all, and you’re always finding something new you didn’t see before. Why not bring that love of puzzles into your house and use the space you have?

The Power or Organization   Of course, if you don’t have these spaces built in and your home is smaller, then you’ll need to be creative. Are there ways to add shelves to that area under the sink. Can you change some of your cabinets so they slide in and out and offer you more space vertically? What about turning large towel closets and the space above your clothes in your main closet into usable space? Hiring an organization expert can also give you ideas for turning small spaces into organized portions of your home, rather than cluttered drop spaces that become dangerous hot spots and potential fire starters.

Change the Existing Design   Another choice is to redo the existing cabinets. Take them out and install in their place more efficient styles that do less with more. Consider frameless designs that take up less room in the walking area or headspace of any room. If you take the time to consider your options, you’ll see that redesigning your current cabinets or starting fresh will let you use the same amount of space, but get more done. This also gives your real estate more resale value later on, as future homebuyers will be looking for the same thing—more storage without paying for it each month!

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