Doubling Up: 4 Remodel Moves That Do More than Look Nice

When you’re thinking about remodeling the home, you need to come up with a design that will not only change the look of the home but that will have some type of function. Many of the remolding projects that enhance the functionality of the house are easy to accomplish. Before you start working, walk through the home to see what might be costing you money each month that you could change or what might need to be changed to bring the family closer together.

Doubling Up: 4 Remodel Moves That Do More than Look Nice

Washing Away

If you’ve noticed an increase in the water bill or you simply want to save more water that is used from the well, consider replacing all of the shower fixtures and the faucets with those that have a lower flow. With the lower water flow, you’ll start to see a decrease in the amount of money that you spend each month on water. New fixtures can also brighten the room as there are designs with a shiny chrome finish and those that have intricate designs that offer a bit of elegance to the room.

Changing the Lighting

An option for saving money on electricity is to install solar panels on the outside of the home. This is a remodeling project that you might want to start small with as it can be expensive at first. Connect the panels to the lights that you use most often. You could also hide panels inside new lamps and other fixtures that sit near a window and that get enough sunlight to charge the furniture or small appliance. If you’re ready to go big and add a larger panel to your roof, remember to consider repairing or replacing your roof first to prevent any complicated repairs happening in the near future. A roofing company like A-1 Roofing Inc or someone else that you recognize in your area should be able to help you with this.

Storage Options

There are numerous ideas for storage in the home that will not only enhance the appearance but provide added function as well. Install a sliding drawer underneath the stairs for shoes and other items that tend to get tossed in the entry hall. Another idea is to create a bookcase under the stairs so that you utilize the empty space while having an area for all of the books in the home.

Pest Control

Whether you live in the city or in a country setting, you’ll like see ants or other pests in the home at some point. A remodeling idea that can mean changing the colors of the walls and protecting the home from pests is to install a control system in the walls. A spray is usually pumped into the walls with tubes that are placed. You do need to remove the outer wall at times so that the technician can properly place the tubes. Once it’s done, you can paint or add wallpaper in the colors and patterns that you want, completing two jobs at once.

Your remodeling project should be one that not only adds beauty to the home but added function as well. From new windows to new faucets, there are numerous ideas that you can use in the home that will allow for the best appearance possible while saving money at the same time. Start small before jumping into the bigger projects so that you can see where the new features are headed.


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