DUI Cases: 5 Reasons You Need A Lawyer

Driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) is a very serious offense. The penalties for a DUI differ in different states. Ultimately, the severity of the penalties depends on what happened and whether the DUI is a first offense.

DUI Cases: 5 Reasons You Need A Lawyer

A drunk driving arrest is a very serious matter, as drunk driving hugely impacts the safety of others. According to responsibility.org, in 2015, 29 percent of US traffic fatalities were caused by drunk drivers. Given this, a DUI will usually put the driver in two different court proceedings. One will be with the DMV. The other will be a criminal proceeding. Here are five reasons why you should hire a lawyer.

Get Trial Representation

If you are unsure whether to plead guilty, consult an attorney. You can represent yourself, but it’s not wise. An experienced attorney, like those from Knochel Law Offices PC will ensure a better outcome for you at trial.

Get a Plea Bargain

In some DUI cases, the driver will have no choice but to plead guilty. In cases where the Blood Alcohol Level is at .09 or .10, and the field sobriety tests don’t point conclusively to intoxication, a lawyer may be able to enter a plea bargain, and get the charge changed from drunk driving to a lesser offense, like reckless driving.

Minimize Damage to Employment Record

A DUI conviction can impact your life in a huge way. Your career and your ability to get another job can be impacted from a DUI conviction. This is a big reason why having a lawyer represent you is strongly advised.

Minimize Time of License Suspension

A driver can lose their license after a DUI. An experienced attorney, however, can work to minimize the time of the suspension. In lieu of that, a lawyer can also arrange for a license that is limited to work use.

Reduce Jail Time

An attorney can also work to limit the time a client may have to spend in jail. This is a very important reason for hiring a lawyer, as jail time is to be avoided at all cost. A lawyer may be able to work out a parole agreement or have the sentence reduced in lieu of jail time.

No doubt, a DUI is a very serious offense. Be wise and call an experienced attorney for a consultation today if you are facing DUI charges.


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