Edible Christmas Cake Decorations Worth Trying Out

Christmas cookies

There is a Christmas mood in the air. If you’re a decor-minded person and you cannot resist the temptation to stand out during the festive season, here are some fresh ideas up for you.

Christmas cakes, more so fruit cakes are quickly being adopted as the best decorative choices in this era. If you’re an amateur baker, here are some fantastic edible Christmas cake decorations that you can try.

Edible Christmas cake decorations

Icing Decorations

The cute Snoman Cake Pops Family

These are some of the easiest decorations to apply. They are normally small in size and come in a wide array of colors and thus can be utilized to create a perfect Christmas party theme in your home. You can for instance use them to create candy canes, Santa faces, holly leaves or Christmas trees. These decorations can be pressed into butter cream or glued (with a small portion of butter cream icing) to a fondant-covered cake.

Marzipan Decorations

Marzipan is made from ground almonds and a paste of sugar. It has been used throughout the history of European pastry-making. You can use this age-old decorative ingredient to make Christmas shapes and figures for a memorable Christmas day. Marzipan decorations can be obtained from specialty retailers who offer them at very affordable prices. One can also prepare some at home using marzipan and food colorings. Marzipan decorative elements blend perfectly with Christmas handmade candles. Be sure to try this combination on your cake.

Edible Glitter Products

Edible glitter is yet another decorative product that is quite easy to use. Anyone looking to stun his guests during this fantastic season can do so by stamping these vividly colored edible Christmas decorations on their Christmas cake. These products are made from sheets of gum Arabic and are tainted and dried for a fantastic display of patterns that can transform an ordinary cake into an unforgettable masterpiece.

Edible glitter products are normally milled into flakes of different sizes. These flakes can be spread over the cake to create unique swaths and patterns that will blend perfectly with other decorations. One can also choose to stamp these elements into seasonal shapes which can be used to create a unique effect on the cake.

Glitter produces a fantastic finish if scattered inside a snowflake cookie cutter on top of the cake.

Candy and Candied Fruit

Candied fruit in Harrods

Candy and candied fruit elements are widely available in supermarkets and other outlets especially during the festive seasons. You can use them to transform your cake by making mosaic patterns and borders on it. One of the best alternatives to try is glace cherries (in green and red shades). In particular, green cherries can be transformed to look like holly leaves. You can also utilize candies to create wonderful decorations such as gumdrops, candy canes and mini M&Ms.

It’s our hope that you’ve made up your mind on where to start from when the big day comes. Above all, we hope that you’ll have a nice experience in your efforts to make this season the most memorable of all time. All the best and merry Christmas!


Author: Michelle Lee