Effective & Professional Surface Washing Services

While some home improvement projects lend themselves to the do-it-without anyone else’s help network, others ought to be left to professionals. When it comes to Power Washing in New York, if you have essentially done a few minutes of research, you know both DIY and hiring a professional service are options. There is a ton to consider, from cost to the quality of the activity, and the two options present a rundown of upsides and downsides. In this post, we feature those advantages and disadvantages to make sure you have all the information you need before power washing your home.

DIY Power Washing

Pros: On a per-day premise, renting a power washer isn’t too expensive. For smaller projects, you can adequately wash surfaces and keep it cost-effective. Another benefit of choosing the DIY route for power washing, if you decide to do as such, is that you have full control over the operation and outcome of the project.

Cons: While doable, power washing your home can be time-consuming and potentially dangerous. For example, there are countless difficult-to-reach areas on a run of the mill home that are difficult to clean with a standard pressure washer. While legitimate, there is a high danger of injury since there is a great measure of pressure coming from the wand. Additionally, the high pressure can easily damage the structure of your vinyl siding. While that might be true for small and concentrated areas, there are several overlooked factors:

Effective & Professional Surface Washing Services

  • Cost of equipment (pressure washer rental/purchase, fuel, etc.)
  • Cost of soap/cleansers
  • Cost of water used
  • Opportunity cost

While opportunity cost may not be top of mind, it is basic to realize that washing a house without professional-grade equipment can take days to complete. Even then, the results may not be what you expected. DIY power washing makes it nearly impossible to accomplish that.

Hire a Professional like Fabian’s Window Cleaning

Fabian’s Window Cleaning sets the standard for professional Soft washing in New York. We take pride in all aspects of our customer-first process, which ensures every home is efficiently and effectively cleaned. Whatever your washing needs are we will do that for you in a precise manner. Here is the regular process:

  • Schedule your service in one short phone call with a power washing expert.
  • Whether you are home or not, our technician diligently power washes your home.
  • You are notified (and/or walked around your property) when the activity is complete.
  • You are not charged until the day after the service is completed.
  • We catch up with you the next day to ensure we exceeded your expectations.

Are you looking to power wash or soft wash your home? Still not sure if you want to hire a professional to take the necessary steps? We would be glad to talk about with you why hiring Fabian’s Window Cleaning is the correct choice. Simply call our team today or get the process started by requesting a free quote.


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