Elegance In The Diversity Of Indian Women Clothing

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India has a rich and varied cultural heritage. Languages and lifestyles change every 15 kilometers in India. This potpourri of cultures stirs up the imagination of people who have a flair for fashion. Women’s apparel differs from region to region, each apparel and style of dressing being as good as the previous one. A lot of different fabrics are available at the disposal of clothing and apparel makers. Elegance flows out of every Indian women apparel be it a sari from Kanjivaram or a Ghagra Choli from Rajasthan. Indian women’s apparel adds more beauty to the already beautiful Indian women.

Elegance In The Diversity Of Indian Women Clothing

Fabrics are Woven with Love

Being the second largest producer of fiber in the world India has a lot of options of fiber to weave and transform them into elegant apparel for women to wear. A big part of the Indian textile industry is the cotton industry. Cotton is woven to make fabric and the clothes suit the tropical and temperate climate of India well.

The ancient art of weaving cloth using handlooms is been kept alive in a lot of places in India. The handloom sector has been encouraged to bring out awesome fabric which when stitchedis worn with pride by the women of India. The handloom sector makes up for 13% of the total cloth produced in India.All these factors make it conducive to people to design different types of apparels as there is no shortage of raw material.

Different Attires, One Nation

Women’s apparel is an integral part of the textile industry in India. A lot of difference can be seen in the way women dress across various states and regions of India. India has 29 states,with each state having its own traditional attire.

A Maharashtrian lady will don a nine-yard long sari on a special occasion while the women in Kashmir will wear a Pheran. A Pheran is a long loose shirt which goes along with a cloth tied on the skull, loose fitting trousers and laceless shoe which are called Gurgabi. Women in the western regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan will adore a good piece of Ghagra Choli while the Assamese women will flaunt their Mekhela Chador with a smile on their face.

The ladies in Punjab wear their colorful Phulkaris while dancing to the tunes of Punjabi folk music. Down south, the women will be more than happy showing off their beautiful silk saris which they carry with great elegance and pride. All these beautifully different attires are a reflection of the rich cultural heritage of India. All these different outfits are now being made available on one platform thanks to Online shopping apps.

Amalgamation of Indian Apparel with Outfits from Around the World

Be it the Japanese Kimono or the ravishing skirts of the Flamenco dancers in Spain, Indian women have adopted all these forms of clothing and walk away with style. With markets opening up in India and globalization encouraging foreign investment Indian markets have experienced a  great wonder where in clothing apparel from around the globe has been welcomed and well received by Indians.

The great wave created by the emergence of online shopping appsin India is allowing Indian women to experiment with their attires and add new clothes from around the globe in their wardrobe.


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