Equipment You Can Use To Clean Your Lawn This Fall

Maintaining your lawn is always a challenge when fall comes around. As dead leaves fall and assorted vegetative debris start populating your yard, you need to put more effort into cleaning your lawn.

Cleaning your lawn easily and effectively is practically impossible without the right equipment. Trying to do everything by hand is unheard of, especially for big tasks like mowing. But looking for equipment can also be intimidating. You might not know where to start and what prices to look for.

Equipment You Can Use To Clean Your Lawn This Fall

Here’s a simple guide to equipment you can use to clean your lawn this fall.

  • Lawnmowers

Lawnmowers are a must for any land owner. You can choose to use either a rotary type lawnmower, or a reel type lawnmower.

Rotary mowers are the ones you commonly imagine when thinking of mowers. They are the most common, and can be powered by either electricity or gasoline. The mechanism in trimming your grass is very simple. Rotary lawn mowers cut with their blades spinning horizontally. Maintenance is needed to keep the blades sharp. Dull blades will just end up tearing grass.

Reel mowers are the less common type of lawn care equipment. They are powered mechanically by pushing them forward. Because of this, they are ideal for small, level lawns. They are also less expensive. Like rotary mowers, they also need to be kept sharp.

Mowers come with a bagging system, where the grass clippings can easily be collected. Later, you can use the clippings as mulching.

You can choose to invest by buying a mower that’s not expensive but still of high quality. If maintained properly, they can last a very long time. But if you don’t have the space to store large equipment, or you think you might not be able to maintain a mower properly, renting equipment is also a good and popular choice. By renting equipment, you are guaranteed to have sharp tools at your disposal.

  • String Trimmers

Powered by electricity, or gas and oil, string trimmers are equipment you can use to define the grass around buildings, beds, and structures like fences. Their small size and maneuverability make them ideal for the grass areas that mowers can’t reach.

  • Blowers

Clearing fallen leaves from your lawn is a must this fall. Blowers are the alternative to using a rake and a broom. Blowers are equipment that can be used to blow leaves or debris into piles. They can clean yards, walkways, patios, and more.

Blowers can be handheld or in a backpack form. Hand held blowers can be powered by gasoline or electricity, while the larger equipment type are gas powered.

There are other tools that you need to have in your arsenal to keep your lawn clean this fall. Some of them may already be lying around in your shed, like a classic rake and a shovel. Others, like a chain saws, edgers, and the equipment mentioned above, might need to be rented. Keep your lawn clean this fall with the right equipment!

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