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Essential Tips For Good Dog Grooming

There are many essential things to keep in mind when it comes to owning a dog. To feel and look their best, dogs need maintenance just like people. The good news is that dogs don’t need to take as many baths as people do in a week. However, you do need to learn how much your dog actually needs to be groomed and do this consistently, preferably on the same day each week. In general, the grooming needs of a dog depend on hair type and breed. When your dog has a nail, ear or skin condition, follow the instructions of your vet. Using appropriate grooming tools for your dog is also important.

Cutting Your Dog’s Hair
Breeds such as Shih Tzus, Poodles and other dogs with hair that grows continuously typically need haircuts every two to four weeks depending on how rapidly the hair grows. This is a task best left to groomers who are professional for the most part. On the other hand many owners of dogs do eventually learn how to give their dogs basic haircuts for maintenance. You might want to consider dog grooming school if you are interested in learning professional grooming skills for your dog.

Brushing Your Dog’s Hair
Many dogs love getting their hair brushed and doing this will also be a great experience of bonding between you and your pooch. The minimal brushing needs of your own particular dog will tend to depend on the type of hair. Selecting the correct tools also matters. Keep in mind that dogs with short hair can go up to 1 month between brushings, typically. Dogs with medium hair can be prone to tangles and matting and need to be weekly brushed. Dogs with long hair also require getting brushed every day for the prevention of tangling and matting. No matter what the type of hair your dog has, you can brush your dog’s hair everyday especially if this is something enjoyable for him. You can also help prevent excess shedding and hair build up during shedding seasons.

Cutting Your Dog’s Nails
Often, nail trimming is detested both by the owner and the dog. Many dogs even dislike getting their paws held and know that it when their nails are cut too short, it hurts. Owners of dogs are not often comfortable with cutting their dog’s nails since they are afraid of hurting their beloved pets.

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Once your pet has experienced pain from getting their nails cut, he or she will develop an aversion to this. You can avoid this by exercising caution and correctly trimming your dog’s nails. Ideally, a groomer, vet technician or the vet should teach you how to cut the nails of your dog and keep in mind that many dogs need to get their nails cut every month. The frequency of this would be depending on the rate of the growth of your pet’s nails. Another option is to use a rotary filing tool to file down your dog’s nails.

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