Everything You Need To Know About Dermaplaning

Everyone wants their skin to look healthy, glow, and feel radiant, but this does not happen in an instant. To achieve great skin, most of you turn to methods that have a reputation of improving your skin, including using serums, creams, masks, as well as other methods. However, no matter how thorough and good you are at following your at-home skin routines, you still need professional services.

Your complexion will significantly benefit from receiving treatments from a skilled esthetician. This is because this person has vast expertise on what will work best for your skin. One treatment that falls under this category is dermaplaning.  Here are a few things that you need to know about dermaplaning.

  1. It gets rid of facial hair

When the procedure is being performed on you, the scalpel removes the thin, short, and mostly translucent vellus hair from your skin. You may know this kind of hair also as baby hair, or peach fuzz and you can often spot it on your forehead, cheeks, and chin on a closer look.

  1. It is as effective as a mechanical exfoliation method

When an esthetician is performing this facial treatment on you, they will gently pass a scalpel across your skin’s surface. This provides you with physical exfoliation, instead of chemical exfoliation. Exfoliation intends to rid your skin of dead cells that build up over time and block your skin, therefore giving your skin a dullness.

Dermaplaning exfoliates your skin more evenly as compared to other mechanical methods, such as scrubs. If you live in New York and you would like to undergo the procedure, you can find the best spas which offer this treatment online, by keying in dermaplaning NYC.

  1. Dermaplaning works for all types of skin

This procedure can benefit you regardless of your skin type. It can help to improve several concerns that you may have such as wrinkles, dry skin, and hyperpigmentation. During the instance where your acne is active and inflamed, the esthetician may advise that you delay your treatment.

  1. Your hair doesn’t grow back coarser

You may have read somewhere that this procedure causes your vellus hair to grow back coarser and thicker, and this may have you worried. However, this is a complete myth as your hair grows back the way it was before whether you get it threaded, waxed, or removed through dermaplaning.

  1. Enables your skincare to go deeper

Your skin may benefit more from your skincare routine after you have undergone dermaplaning. This is because products no longer get blocked by your dead skin cells. It means that they will, therefore, penetrate deeper into your skin, in turn, effectively serve their purpose.

From these few facts, you are now in a position to make an informed decision on whether or not to undergo the procedure. Dermaplaning is among the best methods that you can use, to get your skin glowing. Moreover, it is less time consuming and absolutely painless.


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