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Excellent and Best Diets for Weight Loss In 2013

Many people want to lose weight and follow different weight loss diet plans like Jenny Craig, Nutrisystems, Medifast and Weight Watchers, which are considered the most excellent commercial diet plans this 2013. Some are the DIY diet plans like Slimfast, Atkins diet and the very popular South Beach Diet. People depend on the result that every diet plan gives when choosing the best diet for weight loss.

The best diet plans like the commercial plans have Smartphone app that monitors the diet plan of a person. The DIY diet is the most picked diet plans, but the best diet plan depends on the satisfaction of the client. Some diet plans limit the food intake, depriving you from consuming your favorite food. In this way, you will crave more and unfortunately will eat more that results in forgetting about your diet. It is advisable to deprive yourself from foods that you crave about. They will be the reason why you would pursue to lose weight. You can have a day when you can eat your favorite foods and pursue your diet plan during the other days.

Leptin, the hormone responsible in burning fat in your body, is increased when you eat foods that are not included in your diet. This means that you will burn fat than those days when you eat what is inside your diet plan. The Medifast diet program speeds up your metabolism by the food intake. Ketosis is a metabolic state in your body where your fat burns itself. This also keeps your fat-burners on a long period of time.

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Some diet plans recommend 8 meals a day which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between meals. It is advised by dieticians to reduce sugar intake to avoid diabetes and other related illnesses. Drinking tea also detoxifies your body and eliminates body waste thru urine. Have a regular exercise and workout regularly by combining strength training and interval training. Drink at least 2 glasses of water during the training to avoid dehydration.

Avoid eating fast foods and processed goods like canned goods, hotdogs, burgers, chips and sodas because they are one of the factors why you gain weight. See to it that you watch your calorie intake. It affects the growth hormone and affects the insulin in our body. Unhealthy lifestyle results to weight gain. Therefore, it is good to know and consume healthy diet plans that can help in losing weight effectively.

Obviously, it is quite challenging to reduce excess weight. However, by taking the best diet for weight loss it will be a lot easier to shed out unwanted pounds from your body. Keep in mind that taking the right diet plan will not only benefit you for losing weight but also in promoting general health.
Author Bio: Julian Hooks is a former collegiate athlete, a health & fitness enthusiast, and the owner of www.dietbrandreviews.com. There he provides in-depth reviews of the best diet plans for weight loss.


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