Expenses Indulged In Bone Marrow Transplantation

There are many who are advised by their physicians to undergo immediate bone marrow transplantation to recover from their ailment and to enjoy a normal life. But it is important for the patient and his/her family to know the expenses to deal with in this form of medical procedure. The costs of bone marrow transplantation according to the medical experts tend to reflect the procedure’s complexity.

Expenses Indulged In Bone Marrow Transplantation

Know the Expenses

An operation conducted in the UK costs the patient about £150,000 and around $250,000 in the U.S. It is essential to discuss with the insurance service providers if this procedure is covered or not. Those who do not have this insurance coverage will be required to bear the entire expenses from their own pocket. It is very much possible to get good quality treatment at the leading hospitals in a developing country like India. Here, the entire procedure will cost just a fraction including the flight charges to and fro along with accommodation, which means saving of precious money and not having to take hefty loans at high interest rates. This way, the bone marrow transplant cost can be reduced drastically and complete recovery enjoyed.

High Standards

There are several Indian hospitals that have been ranked very high by the global medical fraternity. They are known to offer top class bone marrow replacement surgical procedures with similar success like that of America and Europe. Moreover, the cost involved is just 90% of what would have been spent at the hometown.

One has to understand that this particular procedure is quite crucial for the healthy living and survival of the patient and cannot be prolonged or postponed due to lack of adequate finance. Moreover, with great expertise and superior quality treatment readily available, there is no reason for the patient and his family to be denied this amazing procedure.

Why Bone Marrow Transplant Cost in India is Inexpensive?

The fact is infrastructure costs here are much lower than it’s European and American counterparts and it is reflected in its price. The other reasons for Indian being a popular medical tourist destination are given below:

  • Hospitals here are at par with some of the very best scattered across the globe.
  • Indian physicians are well known globally for their honesty, expertise and knowledge.
  • The latest state of the art medical resources and equipments are used for treating the patients.

Hence, patients in huge numbers from all parts of the world are found to visit the country for getting proper and timely treatment.

Who is Eligible for this Procedure?

This treatment is considered to be a complex one, which will be necessary if cancer is found to have recurred or in advanced stage. The procedure can also prove to be the major treatment for few types of leukemia.

There have come up several trustworthy and reliable hospitals that do help its agents to feel better and make the necessary arrangements for treatment when contacted. It will be important for the person to undertake adequate research and to contact the professionals to know more about the procedure, recovery time and how to benefit from it.


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