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Eye Health: 4 Medicines That Can Aid Your Eyesight

If you have eyesight problems because of aging, a medical condition or other factors, using certain medications can help improve your vision. Many of these medicines are readily available by prescription and are safe to use if all the directions are followed correctly. Here are four medicines that can aid eyesight.

Atropine Drops

These topical eye drops are often given to dilate the pupils of the eyes for in-depth examinations farther back into the eyes. Atropine drops can also work well in correcting nearsightedness in some cases when given in low doses. Doctors aren’t sure exactly how these eye drops work to improve vision, but the results in many patients have been promising. Even if your nearsightedness can’t be totally corrected, these eye drops may help slow the progression of the condition and allow you to preserve better eyesight for a longer period.

Intracameral Steroids

These steroids are usually given by injection and work by reducing inflammation after undergoing cataract surgery. This reduction in inflammation will allow you to see better without experiencing as much pain or other problems that are often associated with the postoperative stages of cataract surgery. The best sustained-release cataract surgery steroids are formulated for sustained release of up to 30 days after receiving just a single dose.

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Acetazolamide works by reducing fluid retention within the body, which can be especially beneficial if you’ve been diagnosed with glaucoma. The reduction of fluid can help lower the amount of pressure inside of your eyes. The lower pressure can prevent damage to the optic nerve that’s caused by glaucoma, which is known to raise pressure inside the eyes to dangerously high levels.


If you suffer from macular degeneration, this medicine can help correct abnormal blood flow in the eyes. Verteporfin can also promote better vision by increasing your eyes’ sensitivity to light. The medicine is administered when receiving photodynamic laser light therapy to increase the chances of a better treatment outcome. You may also benefit from receiving verteporfin if you’ve been diagnosed with another eye disease such as pathologic myopia or ocular histoplasmosis.

The right treatments can improve the way that you see the world and keep your eyesight intact longer. By taking the medications that are prescribed by your doctor or agreeing to receive certain medicines while undergoing an in-office treatment, you’ll be taking better control of your vision loss and might be able to reduce some of its effects.

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