Facts About Sharks

Facts about Sharks

Brief Introduction: Films on sharks attacking people have been rocking the movie industry since 1975, and this has caused all affected citizen to stay away from the seaside. Records of shark attack in beaches are now pervasive in the internet, and this has largely influenced its viewers to consider sharks as an enemy of man.

Fact 1: In truth, it is atypical for sharks to attack humans because they feed most on marine mammals, sea lions, seals and fishes.

Fact 2: Prior to man’s existence sharks are already roaming around the deep waters of the earth and they survive and evolve without having humans for food.

Fact 3: Attack on humans usually associates around ten (10) from over three hundred (300) species of sharks.

Fact 4: When they are curious or confused as to the unusual splashing of water when humans swim, they investigate and visit the subject who then reacts violently thus triggering the accidental attack.

Fact 5: The most feared among all species of sharks is the Carcharodon Carcharias or the White sharks.

Fact 6: White sharks may grow to at least seven (7) meters and weigh over 3220 Kilograms. Fact 7: They have large black eyes without lower eyelids, and their teeth are triangle in shape. Fact 8: White sharks spend so much time hunting for food.

Fact 9: They feed on sea lions and seals, but they prefer young elephant seals more often.

Fact 10: Despite their reputation being the most dangerous of all sharks, White sharks barely attack humans.

Fact 11: In most cases of White shark attacks, they only bite the person once and then immediately release him.

Fact 12: Evidence shows that White sharks dislike the taste of humans, but they often confuse them for sea lions.

Fact 13: In order to avoid shark attacks it is best to swim away from the colonies of sea lions where White sharks often hunt.

Fact 14: Also, look out for places with frequent shark attacks because they are likely to visit there again.

Fact 15 : There is a kind of shark called nurse shark. It’s scientific name is Ginglymostoma cirratum. They move slowly and dwell in the bottom of the sea and not harmful for humans. Their preferred meals are fish and shrimp, although their strong jaws are capable of crushing even coral. Nurse sharks are found in eastern pacific and western atlantic oceans.

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