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We all are aware of the fashion trends; it is ever changing, and never stays at one point for a longer duration. But the best part about fashion is that, it keeps repeating itself again and again after a period of time. What persisted in the late 70’s is probably the latest trend of today and what today is  not relevant might be the X-factor 20 years down the lane. things or designs are repeated, but obviously with a new twist added to them.

Fashion, being changed from time to time brings us with new styles and trends every time and fashion dresses for women get altered as per the changing rules. And when the fashion repeats itself, it gives a wonderful opportunity for the mothers to dress like their daughters and vice versa. And this gave me the idea to celebrate this year’s Mother’s Day.

What exactly is a celebration? I believe just spreading happiness and staying happy in yourself is a celebration. I am unsure whether the celebration is marked by a particular day or a particular day is marked by a celebration… everyone has his/her own views on the same. Days like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day and so on have been devised and I am sure there has to be some basic concept for commemorating these days. We all have associated these celebrations with a paucity of time in the regular schedule and so try to make the most of the happiness on these days.

Now when Mother’s Day has approached then why not to celebrate it with some uniqueness and excitement. I remember the last time when I wrote about a few ideas on how to celebrate it with your mum and today, I have come up with something totally new and distinctive for all my readers to try it out. Celebrate this May 8th by getting your mother dressed like you… Isn’t that cool? Most of us see our mothers dressed up the same ways since their day of marriage in those Indian Suits and Sarees while a few have changed to the western dressing style and have got used to their pair of denim and shirts and tops. But still there are many forms of attires which are still pending which needs to be tried on this Mother’s Day so that she can remember all her memories of being young, energetic and classy.

With the latest fashion dressesand online shopping, you could gift her the best day of the year where she feels no more like a mother, but a young adult who has all the freedom to enjoy her life without any worries or responsibilities. So let us have a look how can we bring that youthfulness back into our mothers’ lives.


Maxi dresses online are the latest cool collection for the spring and summer season. These are the most feminine, elegant and classy pieces of apparels which suit every body type and age group. So for me, this is one of the best costumes that could be tried with your mothers for the day. These are the hottest and the effortless summer staples which would grace the silhouettes for the mother as well as the daughter. Maxi dress online being the longer lengths, unlike mini dresses are a comfy choice for the mother to pull off and walk with attitude and grace.

Maxi dresses online are also easy to throw on, have easy to wear styles and enriched with feminine shapes. Such features make it a real apparel for a woman irrespective of her age. The patterns and the shades available for maxi dresses online make them quite versatile to be donned for various occasions and could be teamed up a variety of accessories and shoes. As the season is hot, crisp patterns and chic colors are really in which can be carried from day to night events i.e from working 9 to 5 to special exotic evening dates.

Choosing accessories for it is quite easy. Until the time it is a bold printed or a patterned maxi dress, go for fewer accessories like sleek pendants or earrings. And if the solid colors and lightweight fabrics are teamed with statement necklaces and jewelry, then these dazzle the whole ensemble. Let the mother try out flowery printed designed maxi dresses online and the daughter in sleek solid colored style and the duo will rock the show in their own respective charms. Choose your own styles of handbags from totes to slings and prefer sandals or high heels as per your comfort zones.



The next style among dresses for women which would suit both personalities could be an eye-catching a pair of jeans and top with an alluring layer over them. Moms, especially the Indian women are always more conscious about their figures and what should they be wearing which does not make them look weird or awkward. And so trying out a pair of denim and top with a layer over it would be really easy for her to carry and would definitely match up her daughter’s style as well.


Latest dresses have given a number of opportunities to be used by women for the summer season. But my personal favorite is the vintage blouses which are the most elegant ways to dress up. These could be teamed up with a pair of denim, trousers, jeggings, skirts, and what not. Whether a lady is corporate professional or a homemaker, this style suits everyone and is completely figure flattering. As I said above our moms are more conscious about what they wear, so for them, these are perfect to handle with denim. If they wish they could tuck them in and embellish with a bold belt or could even leave them flowing.

The pair of denim could be as stylish and trendy as possible, the older lady could go in for a flared jeans style or a boot cut length jeans with her blouse and team it up with her leather tote or hobo bag whereas the young lady could use her jeggings or skinny fits the style along with her sling bag to create their own respective fashion dresses yet with common styles.


Yeah… you read that right… Sarees. I know you must be wondering that the topic concerned about celebrating mother’s day in teens’ style but then why are sarees being added into it? But my dear women, the topic is all about how to celebrate mother’s day by having the perfect duo in the same style of dresses for women. So if mothers can wear what daughters wear (as mentioned in the above two styles) then why not daughters to try what mothers wear for the sake of their happiness and trust me, this pair would look the best in terms of style, attitude, and fashion.


Sarees always top the fashion dresses list, even if we see the famous Bollywood celebrity pairs of mothers and daughters, then you would find an ample number of duos in the same attire styles. So try out this style on May 8th, 2016 and make the day memorable. The sarees in Georgette, Chiffon, Brocade, Silks, Velvets and other fine fabrics are the trends for the year as well as for years to come. A lightweight fabric in contrasting colors with embellished borders or a perfect lace saree in sheer net materials is gaining the most popularity nowadays.

Choosing the right style of blouse, it’s fabric, it’s neckline, it’s intricate designing, are some of the crucial factors to enhance the effect of a saree. Also, the layers of the fabric, the polished pins tuck, the elegant drapes and the trendy accessories finally refine the outlook for the woman. The effort for draping the saree is worth when it is managed and carried glamorously and the gorgeous pair walks effortlessly. So get yourself a lightweight saree in contrasting colors and let your mother wear the royal style to match the duo as a queen and her princess.


So, women get up and ask yourselves what to wear this mother’s day, whether to dress up like your mother or to make her dress up like you to create a the fashionista duo which would be remembered for her lifetime. The latest fashion dresses are available online which would help you rock the celebration with great joy and pleasure. Gift your mother this year the joy of love and affection in the most fashionable style as possible. Take her out, get childish, wear the heels, ditch the flats, carry the luxurious handbags, take her out to shopping and exotic meals, maybe a movie or for a beer. Create her day in a complete girly style, let her enjoy the day, try to be like her and share your styles with her so that there remain no gaps between you both and there is only fun, fun and fun.


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