Finding the Right fit for Your Garden

Why opt for garden decking?

Whether your garden is relatively small and conservative or on the larger size, outside decking can be both creative and social. There are always numerous ways to give a garden a makeover; however, decking can completely transform any outside area. 

Where to begin

The variety of styles, designs, and materials available for garden decking are abundant and with such an array of different types of shades and textures, it is important to take into consideration what is the right option for your garden. Garden decking with a lighter-colored wood can complement new-builds and be a modest selection. Alternatively, for those that enjoy being experimental, there is the option for multi-tonal planks that consist of a range of dark oak, mahogany, and pinewood Рthis can be a stunning look when contrasted with some potted plants and outside furniture.

Discovering the perfect design

Predominantly, the three main types of decking are:

  • softwood
  • hardwood
  • composite

Both softwood and hardwood decking are popular choices but nevertheless, they each have their pros and cons: as a result of softwood decking deriving from fast-growing trees, this makes it a low-cost option; however, out of all of the decking, this type demands the most upkeep and maintenance. Hardwood can be extremely visually appealing and look stunning but this does come at a price and is a slightly more luxurious selection.

Contemporary decking

At present, composite decking is a popular choice and it differs from the other types of decking as it consists of both wood and plastic: this then makes it exceptionally durable and aesthetically pleasing. For garden lovers that are seeking an eco-friendly option, composite planks are an ideal choice as they are man-made and although unlike softwood and hardwood planks which you can stain and alter the color, composite does not possess this option. On a positive note, due to the composite deck boards being partly plastic, this makes them exceptionally easy to clean and maintain. They resist algae and moss growing between the planks and as a result, they make the perfect choice for those with families or couples with a busy lifestyle that wants to reap the benefits of enjoying their decking – without the requirement of monotonous wood treatment! For further enjoyment, why not consider having some incorporated decking lights too?


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