Fit and Happy at the Coast – Titan’s Dave Taylor

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Dave Taylor is gleaming with joy because of his newfound ecstasy that is bubbling as waves in his life. There is no boundary for his exploration in the deep blue sea of Currumbin along with the delicious snacks at Burleigh and the relaxing coaster rides at the Dream World. The secret of Taylor’s joy filled heart and awesome weight loss is been shared at last by the Titan star. Taylor revealed that he has never been happier before than in the past two months that he has been spending in the shores of Glitter Strip.

Titan's Dave TaylorAlong with his beloved wife Ashlee and beautiful daughters Aliah and Macie he landed on the Gold Coast once the South Sydney lost in the NRL finals. As we all know that the heavy hero was 120 kg plus and was well known for his never ending battles with the weight problems. Now Taylor not only looks happy, but also slimmer and healthier with his significant weight loss since the 2012 season drama. Basically he gives the credits to a pleasant environment and better lifestyle.

He was so relaxed when he arrived into the calm and serene ambience of the Burleigh, since he was feeling so relieved from the ever busy and crowded Sydney town. Taylor said to the press that, “Boredom gets a lot of people with weight (issues). One of the keys of trying to lose weight is keeping active,” “Keeping out of the house, not sitting in front of the tv, being bored and looking at the fridge and thinking ‘I’m hungry’. “I’m lighter than I was last year which is a real positive and every kilo I lose is going to be a bonus for me.” “You get outside, take the kids to Dreamworld, there’s things to always keep active,”.

Taylor said that one chief factor which made their family shift to the Gold coast was to live closer to the mother of his dear wife Ashlee. But they never expected things to turn out so amazingly well so quickly and that is more satisfying for the family. Taylor happily said that the best thing that he and ever done is to move to Burleigh, which is considered as the perfect spot to live. He was thrilled to live amongst a bunch of nice and polite people in the Gold Coast. This transformation has turned the life of the Titan actor into a joy filled fantasy dream and his family is also glad of the shifting process.

Taylor said that they planned their life to be in such a manner and was happy that it turned out to be incredibly perfect. Put in his own words Taylor exclaimed, “We sort of planned it to be like that but didn’t think it’d be this good.” The 24 year old Titan is not spending his vacation holiday but has come to battle with his reputation issues and minor Achilles strain. Taylor is the ambassador for new junior rugby league club Coomera Cutters and is planning it big for a comeback. He said, “I’m just not expecting to walk straight in and grab my jumper. I’ve got to earn my stripes before being handed the number.” Let us wish him luck!


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