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Fitness Camp Equipment For Men And Women

The focus of many weight loss boot camps is on doing body-weight exercises outdoors. However, it still pays off to familiarize oneself with some fitness tools and equipment.

These fitness tools and equipment enhance one’s workout and weight loss program. They also keep one’s fitness plan exciting. Another added bonus of these fitness tools is that most of them are affordable. They are also easy to carry around.

These may be good investments for maintaining the things one has achieved in weight loss boot camp.

1. An exercise ball or stability ball is a versatile tool for weight loss and fitness. It is made of elastic and is filled with air. You can change the pressure by releasing or filling it with more air. Try placing both arms in front, as if in a push-up position. Then put your feet on the exercise ball. Raise your hips up repeatedly to strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles and buttocks.

Or try it the other way around. Lie on your back and place your feet on the ball. Raise your hips to strengthen your glutes. You can also use it to do sideways push-ups with one arm on the ball.

2. Experts encourage fitness enthusiasts to get themselves a foam roller.  This is usually a foot-long cylinder made of soft foam. It comes in different colours depending on how soft or dense the foam is. (Darker rollers are harder.) Some people use it much like how a stability ball is used. This is so their arms and limbs will be strengthened.

Runners also use it as a massage tool before strenuous fitness runs. They warm up their bodies with a compress, or by doing light exercises. Afterwards, they lie on the problematic side of their bodies and roll on the foam slowly.

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3. Exercise bands offer resistance to our bodies’ movements. This enhances our muscle strength. Exercise bands are often used for aerobics exercises. Think of exercise bands as stretchy jump ropes. You can pack them in your bag and hit the park for your own weight loss boot camp. Step on the band with your foot, or feet. Do it in varied positions (sitting, standing, or lunging). Then, use your arms to pull on the bands. Tie the bands to a pole or to the wall for a TRX workout. It is difficult, though, to figure out the right resistance to use with a band.

4. You know those funny-looking iron balls with handles? Those are kettlebells. They come in different weights and are often used for ballistics fitness programs where one lifts and then uses the weight to gain speed.

If you have one at home, try moving it around your body. Then, try swinging it and making figure eights. It can also be used as a regular dumbbell. Lift it up to your chest with either your knees bent or in a standing position.

The types of equipment mentioned above are sure to help you strengthen and tone your body, given enough practice. Another bonus is that they’re not as expensive as, say, liposuction! Investing in fitness equipment for your home will help you make sure that you retain and practice whatever it is you learned in the fitness camp.

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